Eleven Years of Hair History -- Now What?

Guess what's happening tonight?
A much-needed haircut appointment.
With a new guy.
Which makes me feel like throwing caution to the wind!

Shall we take a little hair tour, back to 2001?

2001; Shoulder-length, worn straight

2003; Slightly growing out
2004: Senior year ADPi formal - a length I loved (far left in pink)

2004: Chopped it (way too short) right before graduation -- didn't like it.

2004; Living in Charlotte, grown back out to shoulder length

2005; Growing out past shoulders and often worn curly

2007; Still growing long and wearing curly

2008; Gave it the choppity-chop again ... jaw length

2009; Wearing it long again and alternating between straight/curly

2010; Same length but curly

2011; Beginning to rock the hot rollers look

2012: Long (too long?) and in need of a potential change.

So please ... give a girl a hand here.  Ideas on what I should tell Mister Hairdresser this evening?

I've begun to think that this length just isn't working for me.  I have seen more split ends than I'm used to.  Perhaps my hair is just too thin to wear this long.  I love being able to pull it up so easily, but I doubt I'd miss a few inches?

Routine-wise, I'm trying to take better care of my hair.  Thanks to some fab dry shampoo (currently digging Oscar Blandi), I've been better about skipping a day with washing my hair.  On my no-wash days, I put Morrocan Oil in my hair and braid it before going to bed that night.  Then the next morning I shampoo it right out.

I'd love your two cents before my appointment!


  1. My favorite is the one with the hot rollers. This could be because I've tried and tried to master it but fail every time... I would personally keep it long enough over the summer to be able to put it up but maybe cut just a couple inches?

  2. I think your hair looks fabulous a la hot roller look, but I also am liking it circa 2004 shoulder length! I grew my hair out long for our wedding and let it go longer until last December and I decided it had to go. It just got to a point where it wasn't looking great anymore. Got it chopped and have been so much happier with it!

  3. I like the 2004 look personally. I go through this same thing A LOT! I actually did a similiar post this past July.

    I too, am trying not to wash my hair every day but it about KILLS me!
    So tell me more about the dry shampoo? Is it Bumble and Bumble?

  4. I feel your pain, I struggle with the same thing! From the pictures, the length just sweeping your shoulders looks fab! And it's hair - it always grows back. I think do it!

  5. I mean, your last 11 years have all had great hair. UNFAIR!

    Although I love the long locks, I think my fave is "2004; Living in Charlotte, grown back out to shoulder length"

    What does Ian think?

  6. Love the shoulder length/right above the shoulders on you! It looks fantastic! :)

  7. I love your hair shorter, but it also looks great long! I'm getting my hair cut this Thursday; I just hope it doesn't end up being a disaster.

  8. I think shoulder length was my favorite although I do like it long as well. If your hair is of a finer texture it probably will look best not too long because you have to think the ends of your hair came from your scalp so they have been through a lot! If your hair is fine they may start looking sad quicker if your hair is too long.

    But what do I know??? ;)

  9. I'd tell the hairdresser exactly what you wrote above and see what he'd suggest. Let him know what you like/don't like and go from there!

  10. Your timelines are like seriously my favorite posts (like the office one)!!! I really liked the 2004 shoulder length - I think it's my favorite, but, I'm loving the present moment too! With a pretty face, you can't go wrong :)

  11. Love the 2004 shoulder length but also love the hot rollers look! You can rock all of those looks so well!

  12. I LOVE the 2004 look and listen to BrownGirl...she IS a professional now!

  13. I really love it when it was chin-length. I also love the hot roller look too! You can't go wrong with either! :) I can't wait for a good haircut after the wedding!

  14. I like it just below the shoulders!

  15. Wow you've had a lot of different haircuts and they look look great! I really like the 2004 look! It would still be long enough to pull back on these hot Charlotte days! Can't wait to see what you pick!

  16. I LOOOOVE the hot roller look and the shoulder length! Your hair looks great anyway, though! ;)

  17. Bangs! Would look amazing with your hot rollers!

  18. 2004, hands down! But you are just so pretty it really looks great any style. You are just a lucky one who can pull it all off. Dying to see after pics.

  19. I love the 2004 look when you were in Charlotte (after graduation..)! I enjoyed seeing all these photos AND the changing fashions of the time!


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