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Hey everyone! I'm Katie and you can find me over at Miss Dixie sharing the latest on my life at the beach, fashions, interiors and food. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to be here today guest posting! A. Liz Adventures has been one of my favorite blogs to read for quite some time know, the type of blog where you see there is a new post and you have to click immediately to read it! April and I have actually been emailing on a thread of a comment I left her weeks ago when we were all giving our input on what haircut she should go with- yep, I knew you remembered. Love her hair by the way. Anyway, we found out we have a little in common- I actually live on the coast of NC where she grew up visiting her grandparents! Small world, right? She had the fantastic idea of this post today, so I hope you enjoy a little peek at some of my essentials for the upcoming beach season! 

+1 Karen Walker Sunnies, I've wanted a pair of these for so long. I think they are absolutely perfect in the tortoise. Hint, hint to my husband if he followed my guest post all the way here ;)

+2 Nothing is better than a white terry cover up you can simply just pull on- no fuss. Make sure to check this one out, the back is ah-dorable. I require a cover up that can go from beach to boat rides to dock to handling the dogs. Something that is cute but most importantly comfortable.

+3 I'll be honest, this is a little fancy for a beach tote, but how cute? Lilly P makes this simple yet glam bag. Other ideas for a beach tote- I use Scout coolers that velcro at the top. Perfect for an easy afternoon, but also keeps your sunscreen, chapstick etc cool inside.

+4 I leave the good stuff at home {at least, I try to remember to} but I'm not ashamed to say I do wear a little jewelry on the beach! These are cost conscious and oh-so-cute.

+5 Neutrogena has the best sunscreen, hands down. I just picked up two of these at Rite Aid {buy one get one half!}, and I know they won't last long. We go through sunscreen like crazy, and this stuff even works on wet skin!

+6  This little glass is a girl's best friend. Go Vino glasses go with us on all of our boat rides- shatterproof and they look amazingly like a real glass. Wine always tastes better out of a glass, right?!

+7 I am hooked on this Loreal EverCreme when I need to deep condition my hair. It smells so good though, I want to do it every single day. I am impressed with this entire line for hair therapy- it works wonders!

+8 I'm going to invest a few dollars into these Tory Burch flip flops this spring. Wear them on a beach day but still pull them off with a maxi dress or white jeans at night!

+9 This True Blue body buff is a favorite of mine to prep for the beach and to clean up from it. I use it a few mornings a week on my legs and arms for smooth skin, and then after a beach day it is the perfect way to wash away the sunscreen and salt!

+10 My newest lip love, Dior Addict Lip Glow, which actually works with your chemistry to create the perfect shade for your lips. Mine is a medium pink and I love it! My Mom and sister both bought it {different complexions} and love it as well.

This post has me all sorts of inspired to get myself truly ready for beach season. I would love to hear what your summer and beach essentials are, stop by anytime at Miss Dixie and say hello!

A big thank you to April for having me today, I am so honored! And since it's almost the weekend, I'll go ahead and say it- have a fabulous rest of your week and an even better weekend ladies! 

xo, Katie


  1. What a wonderful post! I've actually been thinking of doing one on beach/pool/summer/sun essentials. There are great picks here.

  2. Lovely guest post! I love your summer picks. :)

  3. I would love pack up my life and live by the beach! p.s. the Karen Walker sunnies are fabulous!!
    Found you via Miss Dixie and am now following :)

  4. I love all of this!! I use that body scrub and it's my favorite!! It makes my skin so soft and smell so good! And I definitely want the rest of the items on this list. :)

  5. Katie's blog is one of my favorite's. Great post!

  6. Great guest post! I'm glad she includes sunscreen as a must have :)

  7. Love the guest post! I have been on the lookout for a new deep conditioner, I'm giving the Loreal one a try. Thanks Katie!

  8. Good stuff! Pretty inspiring for my Mexico trip in 2 weeks! What beach do you live at? follower.. :)

  9. Kate's blog is a daily read, I wouldn't miss it! I'm going to try the body buff!

  10. o0o0 I see some things I need to try!
    Fab list!


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