Hair Update - A Morning Laugh - Smoothie Time

So the other night was the big haircut appointment.  Sorry, ladies -- I got spooked and kept my hair long.

I got so many sweet comments about liking my 2004 haircut ... and I almost took it back to shoulder-length.  In fact, maybe at my next haircut I will.  But then I thought, what if it was just a good picture of me?  Or a picture taken on a very good hair day -- and I can no longer rock those shorter locks?  What if short hair now makes me look too young?  (Am I reading into this too much?!)

That was a good time in my life.  Everything was fresh and new in Charlotte, and that picture was snapped to be entered in a program booklet auctioning me off.

Yes.  It's true.  I was in a bachelorette auction in early 2005.  Sounds sketchy ... but it was for charity!  That fun story will be a post for another day.

So - here is a quick picture I snapped on the way to the salon Tuesday evening --


And after, back at the house.


The hairdresser liked my hair long, and frankly, Ian really does too.  We decided to trim the length and then shorten up some of the layers.  I also got my sideswept bangs shortened -- actually, maybe shorter than they've ever been.

So we'll see what tricks I may have in store for my next appointment in two months.

Know what got me laughing this morning? 
I opened the fridge and this is what I saw.

That is our sugar dispenser.
Which normally resides near the Keurig.
So I turned around and saw this:

Sweet Ian must have been in a rush today.  The half & half sat out while our sugar was nice and frosty-cold.

And lastly, thank goodness for the warm weather, because I'm back to making smoothies again!  (Although I do love an occasional cold-weather smoothie, like my Pumpkin Pie Smoothie)

They are easy to drink on the way to work, and they are the most simple way to get in a few fruit and veggie servings before 9am.

This morning's smoothie was extra good -- 8oz. dark chocolate almond milk, one banana, 1.5 cups raw spinach.

Stop making that face!  If you've never had spinach in a smoothie, you're probably revolted right now.

If you have had spinach in a smoothie, however, you know that you can't even taste it.  Just an easy way to add fiber and vital nutrients to your day.

So one fruit and one and a half vegetable servings down for the day -- easy peasy.  :)

Signing off early this week -- we're beach-bound with friends.  Charleston and Folly Beach, can't wait to see you in a few hours!


  1. I love spinach smoothies, but have never had one with dark chocolate mixed in. I'll have to try that for next time!

  2. Glad you kept the long locks. Save short hair for when you get old. ha.

    Dying over the sugar dispenser in the fridge. I've found a bag of POTATO CHIPS in the our fridge before and wondered how they wound up there.

  3. Have a blast at the beach!! I'm with you onwhat's just a good picture, etc.

  4. I have to admit, I do love your hair long, it looks gorgeous! Most men like long hair for some reason, not sure why?

    I have to admit I've fallen victim to the cereal in the fridge and milk in the cabinet ordeal... sometimes they work so hard they get a tid bit backwards. Gotta love them!

    I need to get back on my morning smoothie routine, I guess because it's been so cold lately I got stuck on the oatmeal kick, but with warm weather around the corner and the sound of your delicious smoothie this girls on the right track!

    Have a great week!


  5. I love the plastic cup + straw combo!! :) I add wheat germ to my smoothies too - again, tasteless, but super good for you

  6. It sounds interesting! I'm glad that your hair is just the way you like it. :)

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  8. Gahhh I just can't do the spinach in the smoothie yet. I must try because all of yall keep saying you can't taste it!

    Have fun this weekend!

  9. People that don't try spinach in a smoothie are seriously missing out!! Such a good way to get it in. Enjoy your weekend

  10. love warm weather because that means yummy smoothies for breakfast. and i agree...spinach smoothies are delish!

  11. I also am loving the long hair-I was going to comment on the original post, but I felt like an outsider since everyone loved the '04 hair. I have been trying to grow mine forever, so I have long hair envy--it looks fantastic!

  12. You are gorgeous. Have a great weekend!

  13. You look great as usual! Too funny what your hubby did! :) Oh and I NEED to try spinach in a smoothie.. I keep hearing you can't taste it!

  14. I think you should do a post about all your favorite smoothie recipes. I've thought about do smooties for breakfast as well, but I need some suggestions to get started.

  15. I think you should do a post about all your favorite smoothie recipes. I've thought about do smooties for breakfast as well, but I need some suggestions to get started.

  16. The hair looks GREAT. And you aren't over thinking it. Hair is such a personal thing that it is worth thinking about!


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