A. Liz Adventures Recipe: Green Pizza

Saturday night, I put together this awesome dinner -- easy and yummy.

I call it a Green Pizza for reasons that you can probably deduce.

Onions, olives, capers, homemade pesto ... and of course, tons of mozzarella cheese!

I used the same pizza crust that I used in my recent Barbeque Chicken Pizza -- Mama Mary's Thin & Crispy.  Oh my word, it's good.

The pizza got a good dose of the ingredients and went in the oven per the pre-made crust's instructions (I told you I keep it easy on the weekends).

And honestly, this might be a new fave.
Probably because it's salty and olivey and meatless.

And cheesy-gooey.

I sliced it up and went to town.
You may be wondering where my husband was?
He and the guys played a late afternoon golf game and went out afterwards for dinner.

This baby was ALL. MINE. 

I poured a glass or three of red and the Real Housewives and I made a night of it.

This wine always makes me laugh, because I've heard my parents tell people that having three girls under one roof was as easy as herding cats.

If you can argue what a better Saturday night would be ... have at it!  :)

PS: Exciting giveaway coming tomorrow -- stay tuned!


  1. Looks like we were craving the same type of pizza this weekend! :)

  2. I've been waiting for this recipe. I need your homemade pesto recipe!!!

  3. Now.. that is what I'm talking about!!

  4. This pizza looks delish! I was about to say, my fiancee wouldn't touch it though, so I would've eaten the entire thing... HA!

  5. This pizza looks delish! I was about to say, my fiancee wouldn't touch it though, so I would've eaten the entire thing... HA!

  6. There is really nothing better than trashy tv, pizza and wine...sounds like my kind of night!

  7. I have been so inspired by your recent pizza posts to make pizza this weekend.... need to find something stellar (aka: needs meat so JM eats it). Plus, I just planted basil on our patio - i LOVE making pesto from scratch! I've also made an arugula & walnut pesto before which was nutty and peppery and fabulous.

  8. That pizza looks so good! Pizza + wine = perfect Saturday night in my book!

  9. yum yum yum!! making this ASAP. And it too will be all mine as the hubby doesn't like olives. YESSS

  10. i DEFINITELY need to make this pizza soon :) yum!

  11. I don't know why...but I really, really want to marry capers. They are so dang good!

  12. Looks awesome and yummy! I make something similar with feta cheese and kalamata olives. :)

  13. Those pizza crusts are our fave!! They crisp up perfectly on the Pampered Chef pizza stone. Now I have to make pizza!

  14. Look delicious!! I need to get that wine for my mom she always uses that phrase


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