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Recently, Megan from Fried Green Pickles shared a wonderful post spotlighting a cause that is very near and dear to her heart.  Her post on the upcoming Brightlife Tee It Up golf tournament was very meaningful to me as well since the story was so touching.

Brightlife has a very informative website, and here is the explanation of this cause:

BrightLife is an organization that was formed by friends of Tim and Jenny Bright. Tim and Jenny got married in April of 2010, three months after Tim was diagnosed with colon cancer. Tim is still battling the disease today. “Bright” is more than just Tim’s surname; it also describes his character as he emulates “bright” in all he does.  Throughout his battle Tim has held the same positive, “bright” attitude and is an inspiration to everyone!

Jenny and Tim
Photo from Brightlife

Tim is young -- far too young to be going through this.  Megan is sorority sisters with his wife, so she and her fiance are very connected to this couple.  Even though I have never met them, I felt a strong connection to this cause as well.  My husband Ian lost both his father and his grandfather to colon cancer.  I never had a chance to meet either of those great men.

So calling all of you Greenvillians (and surrounding area dwellers)!  This coming Monday, the 23rd, is the golf tournament.  Later that evening is a dinner with a silent auction.  Even if you don't golf, please consider going to the dinner!  Dinner tickets are only $15 ($20 at the door) and you'll be able to bid on some pretty fun items.  Click here to register for the event.

I donated a piece of jewelry from my A. Liz Designs shop for the silent auction -- a very small way to play a part in such a worthy cause.

So, buy your ticket, buy that necklace, and remember how precious life can truly be!


  1. such a great post. i work with sweet jenny.

  2. It's a beautiful piece that you donated. I'm sorry to hear the story that inspired the cause, but it's good to see a community rally to make a difference.

  3. Thank you for posting this, April! That was so nice of you. Even nicer of you that you donated your beautiful jewelry to the silent auction!

  4. Ah, brings tears to my eyes! I hate cancer, but so inspired by their hope and their mission!

  5. If I lived in your area, I would be there.

    Praying for this man and all afflicted by this cancer. My aunt died at 32 from Colon Cancer and I've lost "older" relatives as well.

    We all are screened young now and I pray that there is a cure someday.

  6. What a great cause to support. They are in my prayers!

  7. What an amazing cause to be a part of my friend... Just goes to show we can all do our part to help others ;)


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