What A Weekend.

It's so important to balance work with fun.

What you won't see here (yet) are the results of the backbreaking labor Ian and I took part in this weekend with our home!  Pruning bushes, mowing the lawn, creating new mulch beds, planting flowering vines that will -- we hope -- creep up a trellis soon, washing the cars, weed-eating, are you tired yet?

We both need massages to ease our sore muscles!  Luckily, we were able to mix the yardwork up with a little fun in the evenings.  It's so important!

Kim, Lindsay and me

Friday night, Lindsay and I biked down to Piedmont Town Center where they feature live music.  Friday's band was Chairman of the Board.

We got to see them sing a few songs, including "Carolina Girls," before the rain started!  Lindsay and I ran back to our bikes and pedaled home in the rain.

Saturday evening, Ian and I decided to have a low-key night.  Dinner consisted of take-out Cobb salads from Dean & Deluca (a favorite of ours). 

Across from our D&D is a "sister" spot -- the Dean & Deluca Wine Room.  We stopped in there before picking up our dinner for a drink.  We both agreed it was the highlight of our night.  Such a simple thing to do, but it allowed us great time to hang out together.  We'd been in the yard together all day, but this was just good time to talk and connect.

Sunday morning kicked off for us with a run, breakfast together on the patio, and then more yardwork.  We celebrated all of our accomplishments together with dinner in our screened porch. 

Grilled buffalo chicken with blue cheese, coleslaw, and mac & cheese.  We earned it!

More weekend updates coming soon, including yard updates and a big new purchase for moi!

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  1. what a productive weekend! How awesome is it to pull out of your driveway on Monday morning and think "my yard looks fabulous"!

    Also, that dinner looks soooo yummy!

  2. I love weekends like those when you get so much accomplished and still have time to play! :)

  3. Looks like you had a productive weekend! We spent all day Sunday doing some (much needed) spring cleaning and I felt so accomplished last night!

  4. That does sound like a perfect weekend.
    Love that you rode your bike to PR!

  5. Chairman of the Board....I'm sooooo jealous you got to see them! And ride your bike to do it!

  6. sounds like another great weekend! Hope you have a great week too!

  7. You look adorable! those jeans in the first pic look good on you...I need them!

    we did SO much yardwork too. like obscene amounts..haha so glad it's done!

    enter my giveaway girly!

  8. You rode your bike home in the rain? That sounds like a hoot and I bet there were lots of giggles! Love it!

  9. Y'all are too cute! Happy Monday [blah]!

  10. Sunday's dinner looks so yummy! It looks like there was a lot accomplished, but lots of fun was had too. :)

  11. That is literally a perfect weekend. Getting things done, feeling accomplished and productive, but then having so much fun! It looks like it was a wonderful weekend!

  12. Love D&D! Sounds like a perfect weekend and can't wait to see more pictures of your work outside. The instagram pics have been great teasers. ;)

  13. love going to D & D...of course the closest one is like 3 hours from us!

    and we spent a ton of time in the yard this weekend as well...such sweet satisfaction with a well-manicured lawn!

  14. I adore your porch! What a perfect place to spend the evening.

  15. Beautiful post and blog!:) Would you like to follow each other?

  16. I love all of the different eateries around D&D and Southpark. Seriously I lose so much time in that area of town!

    And wow! Chairman of the Board are still playing? They are the SHAG KINGS! Wish I had seen them live!


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