Worth A "Billion" Words

Congratulations to Instagram founders who just cashed in to Facebook for a bah-bah-bah-billion dollars.

What would we do without our beloved Instagram?  Here's hoping that it won't change too drastically.  If you don't follow me already, you can find me at alizadventures.

Some more fun glimpses of the beach trip during the weekend!

Oh ya know, just the most delicious bagel breakfast sandwich ever.

Nothing beats car rides.

Easy weekend wear - no makeup, a tee, holey jeans

Pure relaxation.  And a classic SBTB ep.

Afternoon vacay drinks are the greatest.

Girlfriends are the greatest, too.

Showing Matty the wonders of Instagram.

A dog's life is tough.

Chatting with friends on the deck.  Always connected.


  1. He is rubbing your feet? You LUCKY gal you!

  2. Cute pics! I guess Drake had to stay home? :-(

  3. Gosh, I need to join the iPhone cult. I see instagram pics everywhere. Such a cute pup :)

  4. love these pics! & i've already watched 3 episodes of SBTB this morning ;) haha

  5. I love love love when my husband massages my feet! Feels so good and that bagel sandwich looks delish!

  6. Yay for instagram! I'm following you now! and that bagel sandwich looks AMAZING. yum

  7. Thanks for popping by - my blog today.
    Ah, I need a foot massage..instagram style!

  8. I know, what did we ever do before IG? I'm slightly addicted, in case you haven't been able to tell. Just posted the buffalo chicken pizza recipe for you! XO

  9. Just came across your blog - I LOVE it. Your beach pictures look great, love your boxer! :)

  10. Looks like so much fun! Also, what is your secret? You have amazing eyelashes!

  11. I still haven't figured out Instagram... I just downloaded it since I have an Android...


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