New Orleans: Day 1

After sorting through 100+ pictures, I think the easiest way to do justice to our New Orleans anniversary trip is to break it up by days.  We filled our days to the absolute brim with fun things to do and adventures to experience ... never a dull moment in The Big Easy!

We flew in Saturday, and after checking into the hotel, we hit the French Quarter.  We were starving, and we stopped in to Napoleon House where we split a muffaletta.  I also ordered a Pimms Cup, which they are known for. 

After lunch we strolled Bourbon Street and made our way to Pat O'Briens where we sat in the courtyard and ordered their signature drink, the Hurricane.

We also took this moment to open two anniversary cards that came to us before we left town -- one that my mother gave us, and one from Ian's sister.

I had to pour some of my drink in Ian's cup because oh my word, those things were powerful.

That Hurricane may or may not have led me to pull Ian into a bar as soon as I heard the opening notes for Ying Yang Twins "Salt Shaker" ...

... and then I marched myself up on stage and shook my booty for the entire song's length ...

... those pictures will [likely] never hit this blog.

And yes, I shook the bootay proudly while wearing Lilly.  An unlikely pairing.

Bourbon Street was so much fun, and during the afternoon, we still saw crazy things without the street being too "sloppy" (which we saw that night around 10 or 11).

We also stopped in to Razzoo's which, in some aspects, was a bit of a trainwreck (okay, I'm talking about the old lady on stage repeatedly flashing her bra which was likely purchased in 1984).  We saw the same lady on our streetcar on Monday and I wanted so badly to call her out.  I refrained.

The Razzoo's host -- no, I didn't photograph the flasher!
That evening we had dinner at EAT new orleans which specializes in local dishes with a farm-to-table concept.  It was just a quick walk from the hotel as it was located on the other side of the French Quarter.

I wore the dress I was wearing the night we got engaged.

A cool thing about this restaurant is that it is BYOB.  There is a convenience store a few blocks down, and after putting our name on the list, we headed up that way and grabbed a $12 bottle of chardonnay.

Our food was delicious.  We shared the drum entree which came with a mashed potato gravy.  We also split two appetizers, a blue cheese and fig torte and the crawfish boullettes.

We had a great server, and he even brought us a slice of cake with the bill. 

After dinner, we walked back to our hotel down Bourbon Street, and that place really does come alive in the night hours!

Day two recap coming soon.  :)


  1. love it - New Orleans is one of my fave destinations - so much fun there - and all u need is a few days

  2. I like the pic of you with the wine in a brown bag in front of a store with bars.

    I think I need to get back to NOLA! That dinner looks amazing!

  3. I totally need to go to NOLA, it looks like so much fun! The picture of you in the orange dress is beautiful!

  4. what an awesome trip {so far}! How did yall decide on New Orleans for your anniversary? So fun!!

    Also - LOVE that you saved your cards to open in NOLA {as instructed}!

  5. Love your orange dress! Can't wait to see the rest of the trip--looks like ya'll had a great time : )

  6. What a dreamy start to your trip! Is it weird to say that it oozes romance! Y'all are just so cute! PS- I wish I had known you'd stop by Pat O's a childhood camp friend is the general manager. His FIL owns Pat O's. He's been so sweet to folks we've sent in there to say hi! NEXT TIME!!

  7. What a fun first day!! I agree with CC, how did yall decine on Nola? The dinner looks amazing!!!

  8. I too have had a Hurricane from Pat O'Briens and you are right, they are dangerous! Also, you look beautiful in the orange dress! Happy Anniversary :)

  9. Happy Anniversary...what a great place to celebrate! xx

  10. this looks so fun! i would love to go back to NO!

  11. LOVING the maxi dress my look gorgeous!! i am DYING to take a trip to NOLA for a fun couple's trip

  12. Somehow we have to get ahold of your Lilly-booty shaking pics! ...BYOB restaurants are so great - looks like an awesome trip!

  13. This sounds like you've had such a fun trip so far! Can't wait to hear more! I am loving your coral maxi dress! It is so pretty! I don't have a maxi dress (yet), and am still trying to find one that I love.

  14. Have I ever mentioned that the night JM and I met, we were at a Mardi Gras party? And that the TWO hurricanes I had (I had a glass of water in between!!) likely resulted in my very matter of fact discussion about NOT texting me when he asked for my number :)

  15. I have never considered going to New Orleans before, but this looks like so much fun. In fact, I sort of feel like I just visited! love the photos!! Putting it on the list:)

  16. Looks like so much fun!!! I love love love your orange dress.

  17. looka like you had a wonderful time! We went to Pat O's too!

  18. Wow, it looks like there was so much happening. So exciting. Can't wait to see what the other days were like. I love your dress for dinner. :)

  19. Looks like a great first day! Can't wait to hear about the rest!

  20. Ok you've convinced me, my next trip needs to be to New Orleans! It sounds like you two had a blast. Happy belated Anniversary :)

  21. As always, I'm so behind on bloggy reading!!

    Congrats on the anniversary!!

    New Orleans looks fab--my little cousin brought me back Hurricane Mix from Pat O'Brien's last year! Also, love the self-pic of you and Ian on Bourbon Street and that dinner sounds the BYOB concept!

  22. LOVE IT! We use to hit up Razoos all the time for the 2 for 1!
    It's a pretty fun place since there's the courtyard too.

  23. OMGGG a bleu cheese torte? Are you effing kidding me? LOVE IT want it nowwww...

    Also, that dress seriously is a stunner. Keep wearing it, girl!

    Lastly, Shake it like a salt shaker!! I react the same way to "Hey Ya" from Outkast as I used to "shake it like a Polaroid picture" on top of frat party speakers. haha


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