Did I Surprise You?

This is so much fun.  Good, semi-mindless Friday fun!

I was tagged by Erin of the Swanky Southern Yankee for a "You Might Be Surprised To Know That..." post.  (Read her answers here.)

Keeping this blog for over a year and a half now, there's probably a lot that you already know about me!  Let me see if I can color you shocked with a few of these facts.

So, without further ado --

{1} I'm highly superstitious, and if I hear of a new superstition, I add that to my "queue."  Did you know it's bad luck to exit out of a different door than the one you entered?

One thing I'm not superstitious about; they're cute.

{2} I secretly wish I'd become an elementary school teacher.

{3} A huge pet peeve for me is a fork with uneven tines.

{4} I love languages.  You already know that I was a Spanish major (from facts on this post) but I also took French in middle school, high school, and college, as well as Italian in college.

{5} Writing the words "love languages" above reminded me -- have you read The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman?  If not, buy it buy it buy it.  My love language is gifts.  Whenever I want to show love to someone, I typically express it in this style.  And even the smallest gift -- like a little note left for me by Ian on the kitchen counter -- makes me feel so loved.

{6} That Italian class I took in college?  Was the 2nd most intense and rigorous class I took in college, with 1st place going to History of Fashion.  No lie.

Sophia Loren I am not.

{7} I still have my wisdom teeth, much to my dentist's chagrin.  I was only born with three.

{8} In high school, I was given the senior superlative of "Best Dressed."  I walked up to accept my award in a Walmart top.  Not dogging on Walmart, but we also know that it's not haute couture, either.  :)  I am a big believer in mixing high and low.  It's all in how you pair it and accessorize it!

{9} I once met Kevin Costner and invited him to a keg party.  For some reason, he was a no-show.

{10} I had a college professor who led a discussion on conforming and how nobody would ever show up to class in a bathing suit.  The next day, I walked into class in a bikini and Rainbows.

What?  That isn't normal?  :)

PS - Friday car dance party commences at 5pm sharp.  Be there.


  1. #10 is awesome!

    Happy dance party day!!!

  2. I was a Spanish minor in college! BFF? I think so...

    And big kudos to the bathing suit...I am very impressed!

  3. bikini? tell me you had a cover up on!!

  4. That's a great book! Gary Chapman knows what he's talking about! I read it just before we got married. I too show/feel love through gift-giving : )

    P.S. Teaching elementary school is pretty awesome....most of the time, haha : )

    Have a great weekend!

  5. #10 just made my day. YOU GO GIRL (I know it is the most outdated comment but I love it)

  6. I loved 5 Love Languages too! It was such a helpful book.

    I'm so impressed that you would refuse to conform. Love it!

  7. This made me laugh so much! Walmart is amazing, what are you talking about!? Just kidding, but nice job on being a non-conformist!


  8. OMG. That last one is great. I refused to walk into a Kmart or Walmart prob until college. I was afraid someone would see me and think I shopped there. Such a brat.

  9. I love your last one! You definitely have pizazz. :)

  10. Oh I need to read that book- I think I would be a gift giver as well! Haha I laughed out loud at #10! Enjoy your dance party in a little less than an hour- ours just started!

  11. Ok, what a great list. Loving #9, and wow on #10. :) Kudos to you girl!! I too always wished I had become a teacher. Thanks for sharing. These are always so fun. Have a great weekend.

  12. Have I told you how much I love you??? HILARIOUS! :-) Wish we lived closer! :-)

  13. Ha, loved learning these things about you! I just bought the 5 Love Languages book and I can't wait to get it in the mail and read it!!

  14. So I just stumbled across your blog, via Kate on Twitter, and I love it! I had to comment and tell you that History of Fashion was my hardest class in college too! I was an Apparel Merchandising major and people used to make fun of me and say my major was easy but that class kicked my butt! I did learn a lot though :)

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