Easy Weeknight Salad

So, after watching the Miss USA pageant the other night (specifically the swimsuit portion), I thought to myself, "Hey! We need to eat more salads!"

With a beach vacation approaching, Ian and I have both made it our goal to really focus on our health.  I replaced the battery in our scale, which made for a slightly depressing Monday morning.  While meal-planning during the workweeks is generally filled with healthy choices, I'm going to really focus on adding in more salads as an entree and even eating healthier on the weekends.

Since I am married to a wing-lovin' husband, this salad suits us both to a tee!

Buffalo Chicken Salad
Chicken (I used Perdue Perfect Portions)
Buffalo sauce (I used the Texas Pete brand)
Light blue cheese or ranch dressing
Crumbled blue cheese
Romaine lettuce
Scallions, chopped
White onion, sliced

I started by marinating the chicken in buffalo sauce, and it sat there all day while I was at work.  Due to iffy weather, I cooked them on the grill pan, but you could easily put them on your outdoors grill.

For the salad, toss together the romaine lettuce, chopped scallions, onion slices, and dressing.  Divide between your bowls.  Top each salad with 1-3 tablespoons of blue cheese.  Slice your chicken, and if desired, give it one extra toss in buffalo sauce in a clean bowl.  Top your salad with the buffalo chicken slices.

We both love this salad, and according to the My Fitness Pal app on my phone, it had 428 calories.   

And on that note, congratulations to Miss Rhode Island.  I picked you out of the final 10 because you were the shortest, and I can relate to that.  ;)

And that photo confirms the fact that I will be ordering the veggie plate when Ian and I go out tonight.


  1. My husband would love that. He loves anything with buffalo chicken... sandwiches, wraps, pizza, wings, etc!

  2. buffalo chicken is SO good! This looks great!

  3. I hear you on eating healthy. I've really made an effort to keep it healthy even while being pregnant so I don't gain 50lbs.

  4. The biggest motivator for me is always the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, haha.

    I am obsessed with buffalo anything. I don't eat chicken, so I feed my cravings with the Snyder's buffalo pretzel pieces. So yummy!

  5. That salad looks amazing! I must try it!

  6. That looks so good- Im not a huge hot sause fan but I bet this salad would be good with regular bbq too.
    I can't even look at those pics of the girls in their bathing suits. Makes me want to sit on the couch, eat chips, and cry :(


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