New Orleans: Day 3

Our third day in New Orleans was a very special one ... it was our official one year wedding anniversary.

We woke up and Ian grabbed coffee for us -- after we packed our suitcases up and secured them with the hotel bellman, we ventured out to catch the St. Charles streetcar.  A $3 pass enables you access to the streetcar for the entire day.  We took it down to the Garden District, which is known for their majestic homes and bountiful gardens.

We'd read great things about Free Tours By Foot, a tip-only tour.  We chose to use them for our Garden District tour.  Just FYI - they also do tours in NY, Philly, DC, and Boston.  We had an excellent tour guide, Sarah.

Our 10:30am tour began at the Lafayette Cemetery ... another place I was excited to see since it was featured in Double Jeopardy.

From there, we made our way to the homes.  The architecture in this area is really beautiful, and we even saw some celebrity homes -- Sandra Bullock, John Goodman, and the childhood home of Eli and Payton Manning.

Childhood home of the Manning boys

John Goodman's home

The $12.5m home I had my eye on.

Sandra Bullock's home, here and below

Our tour ended close to Magazine Street, a recommended spot to visit from several friends.  Upon the strong recommendation of our tour guide, we headed to Parasol's for their infamous roast beef po-boy. 

They had a bar dog there named Leroy.  The bartender would throw a plastic cup in the air towards Leroy, and he would demolish it ... tear it completely into shreds.

His trick is so infamous that it's memorialized in a painting that hung on the wall near us.

The sandwich was absolutely one of the best things we ate that weekend.  I would highly, highly recommend this place for lunch.  It's a bit off of the main road, and it's not fancy -- be prepared to just saddle on up to the bar and kick back with a messy sandwich and a beer.  That's pure heaven for us.

From there, we walked up and down Magazine Street and then made our way back to the St. Charles streetcar and headed to Tulane.  This college campus stunned us both -- it was so beautiful.  Graduation had just occurred a few days prior, so the campus was quiet.

After walking the grounds of Tulane, we picked up the streetcar once more and headed to The Columns Hotel for an afternoon cocktail.  I loved this!

We had such a sweet bartender, and I ordered the champagne cocktail while Ian ventured out to try the Ramos Gin Fizz (recipe here).  

After a long day in the hot sun, we headed back to grab our luggage from the hotel.  We stopped in Harrahs for a little bit of gambling and lost a grand total of $4 before deciding to scoot.  We're obviously not huge gamblers ;)

After hailing a cab with our luggage in tow, we were ready for our next big adventure.  I'd booked us for two nights at the Hilton Riverside and then our third night at The Roosevelt, a Waldorf Astoria hotel.

I'd mentioned that it was our first anniversary, and they really went above and beyond to treat us.  I mean, truly ... they blew it out of the water.

The Presidential Suite ...  We were floored.

The suite was absolutely amazing.  It had the most gorgeous hardwood floors, a brown velvet sofa, heavy drapes, and an ornate dining room table.

Getting the thumbs-up from Ian

In the bar area, they'd left us with chocolate covered strawberries and a bottle of red wine.  In addition there was a $25 spa credit (if only I'd had the time to redeem it!), and certificates for complimentary drinks at their famed Sazerac Bar and for breakfast the next morning.  We just kept walking around with our mouths hanging open.

After relaxing a bit, we got dressed for dinner.  I wore a white dress that I wore on our honeymoon and the earrings that I wore for our wedding.

We made our way downstairs to the bar, where Ian ordered the Sazerac and I chose The Rose.  If you know me, you know that seeing this drink on the menu had me doing cartwheels. 

After our pre-dinner cocktail, we headed through the lobby and made our way to our dinner reservations.

We had 8pm reservations at K-Paul's, and they seated us right away.  

After three days of walking in the heat, we were exhausted after dinner!  We made our way back to the hotel where we laid around, finished the bottle of wine left for us, and watched a movie.  It was the perfect ending to a great first anniversary.


  1. Ahhh!! K-Pauls!! Can you believe I've never been there!? I hear it is amazing!!!
    Love it all! You can so tell you guys were freaking hot! LOL!
    Also, the fact that you sat inside at The Columns!
    Most of the homes in the Garden District are family homes and handed down generation to generation.

  2. Sounds like such a great trip, April. All of those homes are GORGEOUS. I love that they all have balconies on the second floor! That is basically my dream. Ha! Your hotel room at the roosevelt was beautiful, I love the hardwood floors! And all of your dresses are so pretty!


  3. Why are old cemetery's so interesting? I love walking around them. In a non freakish way of course.

    Looks like you all has sooo much fun!

  4. i love the 12.5 mill house! ben and i went around looking at homes for sale SOB in Chuck and looked at the pics of them on the zillow app! it was fun to see what the multi million dollar homes were like inside!

  5. I forgot about Double Jeopardy! Have to find a copy of that stat!

  6. YAYY glad you all kept being adventuresome. That makes me happy, clearly we'd have fun poking around a city together. What did the hubs think of a Ramos Gin Fizz? Beautiful photos - I think John Goodman's is my favorite. Really a big, beautiful lot in the city.

  7. I love it all--what a fun trip! And I may only know you through the wonderful world wide web, but there is no doubt that that drink had your name alllllll over it!

  8. Happy Anniversary! What a fun trip, I'm so jealous! New Orleans looks like a really fun city and you took full advantage of what it had to offer.

  9. KPauls is the best restaurant in the history of restaurants, hands down!

  10. I love NOLA!! Husband and I grew up in TX and both have been several times (before we met). I remember the cemeteries-if they bury the coffins they come up years later bc of the soft ground!! I do like to go to the historical places tho... And you hit all the spots!!!!! Happy One Year Anniversary April & Ian!!

  11. I have never been to New Orleans - your pictures look like SO MUCH FUN! So happy we found each others blogs! I am fairly new to charlotte (less than a year) and am still exploring it! Keep in touch girlie!

  12. What a sweet anniversary trip! Looks like yall had a blast!

  13. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary!! I can't imagine a more romantic city to celebrate than New Orleans :) Wishing you both a lifetime of love & joy!

  14. Such a great recap! I love that we were both there on anniversary celebrations - and I definitely wish I'd mentioned my anniversary to the Roosevelt now! Smart girl.

  15. What a great anniversary trip! Looks like you both had a great time! I've never heard of that drink before, but it sounds really good : )

  16. Ok first off...I just watched Double Jeopardy today..that is too funny you mentioned it. Those houses are incredible. I'm definitely going back to these posts when my hubby can finally get me back there to where he once lived. It really does look incredible. And gorgeous earrings. I love me some bling. :)

  17. I've never been there! It looks so fun! Glad y'all had a nice trip! Happy Anniversary!

  18. Sounds like a fun trip! that sandwich looks awesome too

  19. Happy Anniversary!
    My husband and I got married on the front porch of The Columns almost 15 years ago!! <3

  20. Wow, the hotel hooked you up! What a gorgeous room. Love that white dress you wore to dinner with your wedding earrings. :)

  21. What a great trip and such great treatment at the hotel, that is awesome!!

  22. Just read your Nola recaps! I was there about a year ago for a wedding... LOVED it there. Looks like you had so much fun... happy anniversary! What a great way to celebrate.


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