Organized Perfectly.

Back in late April, I made my big purchase -- my LV Speedy 30 (debuted here).  I've absolutely loved it from the moment I said "I'll take it!".

Before I walked out of the store with it, however, the sales associate did warn me about the eventual "bag sag" that it could develop.  And being that I'm one to load down a large purse with quite a few items (the larger the bag, the easier it is to fill!), it began to get weighed down pretty quickly.

In fact, this photo from our recent anniversary trip to New Orleans (as seen here, here, and here) sort of made me guffaw at how quickly I was dealing with the dreaded bag sag.

What the heezy?!

I mean, I know I do load it down with a heavy wallet, a large day planner, a plethora of lipsticks and glosses, sunglasses in their case, two phones, et cetera ... but my gracious.  That wasn't pretty.

Plus, with a mere one pocket for my cell phone, digging around to locate my sunglasses or checkbook proved to be a bit of a challenge.

That reason, combined with the fact that I wanted to keep the fabric interior free of pen marks and lipgloss smudges, led me to an incredible Etsy seller.

Samorga is a shop that carries really well-made felt handbag organizers.  Some are especially sized for Louis Vuitton and Celine bags, but there are some other general-sized organizers as well.

(Is curiosity making you secretly wonder now if I got my organizer for free?  Ha, I wish!  Nahhh, they're not even aware of this blog post.)

I ordered one fit for my bag and checked the mail every day for a package from South Korea.  When it arrived, I was incredibly impressed with the quality!

The felt is very thick and sturdy.  I couldn't have designed the pockets to work better with what I carry on a daily basis.  Additionally, that middle section you see below is attached with velcro and therefore removeable.

It fit perfectly in my bag, and I started adding back in my contents.

Now, the panicked search for my phone at the bottom of my bag to try to answer it before it goes to voicemail is OVAH!

Also, even though I store my lipsticks and pens in a zipped pouch, I don't have to worry about one escaping and marking up the interior of my handbag.

The best part for me is that it has really helped to restore the proper shape to the bag since the weight is now distributed proportionally and evenly.

My organizer was $32.50 with shipping an additional $10.  For me, that's an easy amount to protect my bag's interior and keep its shape.

What's your handbag mojo, bottomless pit or organized perfectly?


  1. I so need one of those! It always amazes me what I have floating around in my bag! Thanks for the tip!

  2. What an awesome idea!!! Grandy and I have had lengthy discussions about bag interiors - we cannot get bags with black interiors because we can never find anything! She would love one of these.

  3. This is such a great idea for any handbag, but I'm so glad it helped with yours! I wonder, if it still sags a bit, what about cutting a piece of cardboard and putting it under the organizer? (Like in some vera bradley bags - it helps with the sag there). I'm always cleaning out my purse because I don't like the mess at all! I like to know where everything is, so this organizer would be great! :)

  4. I need two - one for my Speedy (TOTAL bag sag) and one for my Longchamp! WAY cheaper and better than the Audrey & Emma Speedy liner I considered buying. Thanks for the heads up!


  5. I know the panic phone search oh too well - Ryan ALWAYS makes fun of me for it. This is such a great idea!

  6. what a great idea!! now i really want a louie!

  7. My speedy is like a bottomless pit of stuff- I can never find anything! I will def be getting one of these!! Thanks for sharing :)

  8. I had one similar to this at one point and I have no idea what happened to it! I loved it because I change my bags frequently and I could lift it out and drop it into the next bag. Love, love, love!

  9. That's awesome! I have a purse that does something similar... but seeing as I paid only $30 for it at Forever 21, I'm willing to just replace it! (And hopefully replace it with a Kate Spade....)

  10. HOL-EE crap that foam organizer is amazing. It makes a huge difference on your bag. It is so funny you wrote about your LV because I have been eyeing a couple lately: the Papillon 26 and the Speedy 25. Still trying to decide which to get. Do you have any input?

  11. My bag is a mess. That is such a good idea!

  12. Wow, I cant believe the amount of bag sag and what a great idea!

  13. I have something similar that I carry in my handbag.
    It's called a Pouchee.
    I've noticed that I load it down too then on top of my wallet my purse weighs 10lbs and hurts to carry :(

  14. Wow, this is just what I need. Well first I need my Louis, but seriously that organizer is amazing. I have so many large bags that are more like a dumpster with so much stuff thrown in. This is very helpful. Thanks for posting. The Louis definitely looks happier. :)

  15. This is fantastic! My purse is always such a mess. I tried organizing it with lots of little bags, but that gets overwhelming, too. I'm loving this organizer!

  16. This makes me want a speedy EVEN more!!!

  17. That organizer is amazing! I need one because my purse is a bottomless pit at the moment. Good find!

  18. Cracking me up one can write a post about a bag organizer... This is an awesome post on so many levels!!

  19. This is AWESOME! I need to get one, I'm always losing keys, phone, food, etc in the dark abyss ;)

    xo Shane

  20. That thing is amazing! I have a speedy 30 which is always lovingly referred to as "the bottomless pit!" I'll definitely have to invest in one of those soon!

  21. ordering one ASAP!!! i've been saying i need someone to make things like this forever!

  22. That is awesome-- I'm ordering one now!!

  23. I just bought one off Ebay for my bag! Love it!

  24. hi!! may i know which colour is this? white or cream? i am in love with this colour and I don't wish to get/order the wrong one :/

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