Itchy Trigger Finger

Sometimes I get that itchy trigger finger  mouse-clicker finger.

When the clock switches from 10:59am to 11:00am and the online sales start, you sometimes just HAVE to take a little teensy peek.

When I saw this Status By Chenault top pop up on Hautelook this morning, I had to pounce.

It was only $26, dear friends!
If you're not on the Hautelook wagon yet, here's an invitation link.
Happy shopping. 


  1. SO pretty! Wish I had some extra money to go shopping right now.

  2. I am so glad you got that shirt. Anyone who follows you on Twitter or this blog knows that this shirt epitomizes you! I am sure you'll be in it out with friends or at home during happy hour soon.

  3. So cute!! It will look great on you!


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