The Bachelorette ... In My Foyer

This post title may be a little deceiving at first, but hang with me.

I wanted to share with you the journey of our hutch!

Back in early May, I was antique shopping with my mother-in-law when I spotted this beautiful hutch at one of my favorite Charlotte spots, Sleepy Poet.

Of course she just had to come home with me, and I thought I had the perfect place for her in our dining room.  Problem is, the grey of the hutch clashed frightfully with our grey walls, and it was also a little too short and too deep for the area.  UGH.

Crisis averted when I had a lightbulb moment and moved her out to our foyer.  She fit perfectly.

The original idea when she was in the dining room was to hold our crystal and some other special serving pieces.  Now, out in the foyer, the shelves hold items that are special to us.

Special family photographs are of course featured.

And my King Edward 1902 coronation cup (story here).

And a very honored possession of ours, the cake plates that we used at our wedding -- a gift from my sister Laura.

The hutch has a lot of cabinet space underneath it, which is where I store some of my vases.

So what did I mean by the Bachelorette being in my foyer?

Well, the booth at Sleepy Poet that I bought the hutch from is called Dumped and Discovered.  They even have a great blog where they diary some of their finds and how they revamp their items.  Recently, they featured my hutch!  The story of my hutch tells how she hailed from an estate sale in Washington, DC.  And her story is aptly compared to our dear friend Emily of Bachelorette fame. 

Thanks, Sarah, for giving me an idea of the background of my hutch and the process she underwent to get her extreme makeover!

Click here for the story.


  1. 1st - I love the china cabinet. It looks perfect in your foyer. 2nd - I almost bought a dresser from dumped & discovered THIS weekend. It is the dresser that they talked about on their blog recently. I couldn't convince myself I needed it, but I haven't convinced myself that I don't need it...

  2. Who knew a piece of furniture could have such fun background?! Gosh, it looks SO good in your foyer!

  3. What a lovely piece and story!

  4. I am in love with the hutch. I want one.

    1. I'm just curious do you have any idea what one of them go for?

  5. i just bought something from dumped & discovered at sleepy poet last weekend! too funny!

  6. Beautiful find! I love The Sleepy Poet!

  7. looks so good there! and extra storage too!

  8. Cool post! I bet you're secretly bummed it won't fit in the dining room since that's where you envisioned it all along but it looks GREAT!!

  9. Only you would have a famous hutch. PFFFFT. Love it though, it is pretty!

  10. Just found your blog! I love the hutch...what a great idea to put it in the foyer. Great pics!

  11. ust discovered your blog and I love it!
    I'm your newest follower - would love for you to check my blog out as well : ) xo


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