Three Wednesday Lovies

Wednesday is one of my favorite weekdays.  Right smack-dab in the middle of the workweek, we've got the excitement of Thursday (aka, Friday-Eve) and glorious Friday ahead of us.  And being that my fave cardio classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I justify to myself that if I workout on Wednesdays -- yay for me; if I skip a Wednesday workout, it's okay -- I did one the night prior and will do one the night following.

... Rrrright?

Here are some things that have been making my week lovely.

My go-to hairstyle.
It's been hot, rainy, and humid out this week, so a work-friendly updo is perfect for me.  I just braid pigtails with a black hairband at the bottom of the braid only, tie them in a knot at the back of my head, tuck in the ends, and secure with bobby pins.  This chick has thicker hair than me (and that untucked end is driving me a bit batty), but here's the tutorial I used.

Simple produce-based meal planning.
My weekend farmers market jaunts have been stocking us for the week with plenty of summer produce.  Lettuce, squash, corn, a purple pepper, okra, green beans, an avocado, blackberries, strawberries, a mango ... this all came home with me Saturday.  I rely on our tried-and-true sides during the workweeks -- roasted okra, sauteed green beans, salads, squash casserole -- and then just add in an easy entree.  Monday, to go along with our sauteed green beans and parmesan roasted tomatoes, I made Kate's Chicken with Mustard Sauce and we loved it.  Highly recommended!  Last night we had huge Southwestern salads with shredded chicken, romaine, grilled fresh corn, black beans, tomatoes, avocado.  I adapted this recipe from Erin's Taco Salad and followed her dressing to a tee -- ranch (we used light) and taco seasoning mixed together.

Comfy days and evenings at home.
I know this photo has been making the rounds, and it's for a good reason.  I've been enjoying having a simmering pot on our stove so much.  With the recent heatwave, we have been spending tons of time inside in the comfort of our own AC.  May as well make the house smell heavenly!

Today I'm happily linking up with The Vintage Apple -- visit Michelle to see all of the other favorite things that other gals have been pinning on Pinterest recently!


  1. Love the hair! mine might be long enough to try this now!

  2. I have no patience to do my hair and I HATE my hair back. I always leave the house with it down, however it's thrown into a very messy knot 20 minutes after leaving. Maybe I should try a style like the picture!

  3. I love the hair style, but I always end up finding the tutorials to be much harder than I thought! I wanna see what yours looks like with it! With the heat and rain, my go-to has been a top knot bun. So quick and easy.

  4. Speaking of easy entrees I tried your chicken with greek yogurt sauce the other night and LOVED it. Sooo good! So thanks for that!

  5. Love the hairstyle in this picture, too! Looks easy enough... and super cute, too :)

  6. Such a cute do- with this crazy weather I need more easy updos when my hair just won't cooperate!

  7. This humidity is doing a real number on my hair. I need to try this updo!

  8. wish my hair would do that, I joined in the link up too!

  9. What a great post. I want to try everything; food, hair, room deodorizer. It all looks wonderful.

  10. i need to see a pic of your hair like this! so cute ! my hair isn't quite thick enough i'm afraid :(

  11. I forgot to tell you...we did champagne toasts with rosemary sprigs on vacation due to your inspiration! I tried to find mini bottles of st. germain but they were out. so we just did it with champagne! ;)

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