Tummy Yummys

This weekend, we were all over the place.  If I listed each and every thing we accomplished Friday evening through Sunday evening, I am pretty sure it would make you tired just reading it.  Weekend highlights coming tomorrow, but for now, I'll stick with some yummy dishes we've enjoyed at home over the past week.

{Tuesday} Vegetarian night!
The deal with this dinner is that I needed a quick-cooking menu.  My Tuesday night cardio class puts me home at 8pm.  Anything that cooks in under 15-20 minutes is welcome!  I'd already cleaned the portabellas and put together the white bean salad before heading to the gym.
  • Roasted portabella mushroom topped with sundried tomato pesto, garlic, capers, and cheese
  • Sauteed fresh spinach
  • White bean salad: rinsed cannelini beans, diced fresh tomato, sliced kalamata olives, sliced pepperoncinis, tossed in Greek vinaigrette, topped with parmesan cheese

{Wednesday} An "al fresco" dinner enjoyed on our screened porch
Ian really liked this Pinterest chicken dish, and I thought it was okay.  For me, it was a bit salty and generic tasting.  But with that said ... I can't promise it won't ever make our menu again.  The grilled avocado was obviously the star of the show.
  • "Melt in your mouth chicken" found on Pinterest (find it on my Recipe Lovies pinboard)
  • Grilled avocados with pepperjack cheese and Texas Pete -- but I broiled rather than grilled
  • Fresh romaine salad with fresh peach slices, crispy onions, and homemade balsamic vinaigrette

{Sunday} Let's throw around the term "steak frites" in our best French accents
It wasn't hot as Hades, so we decided to fire up the grill.  Since we like to splurge a bit on the weekends, we veered away from the typical meat & two veggies plan by replacing one of the veggies with fries!  We do have a deep-fryer, but this time we went with the easy freezer fries that you just shake onto a cookie sheet and bake.

I'm happy to be linking up with Rachel at In No Simple Language for her Menu Monday series!


  1. As a vegetarian, I really appreciate this post! It looks super yummy. :)

  2. Last night's meal is looking super yummy right about now...

  3. I love the little "frites" holder, in the paper and all! Those grilled avocadoes...mmm. So delicious it's hard to believe!

  4. Looks so yummy! Love the french fry presentation!

  5. Those grilled avocados just don't get old! I love 'em!

    Thanks for linking up this week. Excited to see you this evening :)


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