Weekend Plans + Hair Loves

Happy Friday!
I'm so very excited for this weekend.  Tonight is date night to a very fun place, and I'm making round two of the cucumber gimlet tonight (recipe coming soon, promise!) for us to enjoy as we get ready for dinner.  Tomorrow night we're going to go see Band of Horses and My Morning Jacket with friends.  Good times ahead.

Now, on to a very, very important topic... hair (wink!).

A girl's hair is mighty important, and I confess that I have a slight addiction to trying new hair products.  I've built up quite an arsenal.  May as well share what I've learned, and I want to hear your faves too!

Here are some of my go-to items and products.

Hair Loves pt. 1

Aveda Pure Abundance line: shampoo and conditioner
Aveda volumizing tonic
Aveda Smooth Infusion shampoo, conditioner, and style-prep smoother
Tresemme hairspray and dry shampoo
Moroccan Oil and Oscar Blandi dry shampoo
Ouidad Playcurl line (shampoo, conditioner, mousse) and Botanical Boost

I keep both Aveda and Ouidad products in the shower.  I like to alternate back and forth just depending on my mood in the morning!  Dry shampoos are nice to have on hand for a hair refresher if I'm going out after work or if I want to skip a day of washing hair.  I've recently gotten out of the habit of doing so because I've been working out more often, but I'd like to start again for the health of my hair.  Moroccan Oil is one of my very favorite hair indulgences.  When I shower at night following a workout, I'll skip washing my hair and rinse it only, and then I coat it with Moroccan Oil, set it in a braid, and go to sleep.

Now, on to the hair tools:

Hair Loves pt. 2

A hot roller set like this Remington set ($32)
I love my Hot Tools curling iron -- the best!
Invest in a quality hair dryer
I use the Remington Wet 2 Straight flat iron (free shipping)
Emi-Jay hair ties here, here, here, here
I go through bobby pins like it's my job

If I have time, hot rollers are my favorite way to style my hair.  If I'm in more of a pinch, I'll just rely on my Hot Tools 1 3/4" barrel curling iron to get some curls.  Other times, it's just a flat-iron type of day.

Sometimes I also sport this "mesh chignon" which is a really fancy-dancy name for a hair donut.  You can buy it at Sally Beauty Supply (online here).

That creates a style like this:

Since my hair is naturally curly, I like to wear it up anytime that I'm in a humid climate, like at the beach {above} or on days when rain is in the forecast.  Just makes life a little simpler.

So, I'd love to hear from you.  Have you tried any of the above products?  What are your top three hair products and tools?


  1. Moroccan oil is my favorite. I use it almost everyday!

  2. Great list! I started using moroccan oil around march, and haven't stopped since. I use it almost every day. It smells so good and makes my hair so silky. I use it in the mornings after a shower and put mainly on my ends, then work it up, so my hair doesn't get oily.

    And those hair ties are really cute!


  3. I love aveda and tresemme products and have both in my shower right now! I would love to get a set of hot rollers, although I'm not exactly sure how to use them. I'm not great with a curling iron so I think those would be good for me for a night out.

  4. I haven't tried the moroccan oil but ive heard so much about it I am going to try it!
    Also the hot tools curling iron is the best! What blow dryer do you use? Mine just broke and it was my fav but they don't make it any more. Any recommendations

  5. I have that Oscar Blandi dry shampoo and I don't really like it! It's smells very strongly and I don't think it works on my hair! I prefer powdered dry shampoo, I think. I'm SO jealous that you're going to see Band of Horses and My Morning Jacket. Two of my favs!

  6. I love Tresemme dry shampoo. And I love the outcome of Aveda hair products, but I dislike the smell!

  7. I was reading too fast and at first thought you wrote "or days when Im in the rainforest" haha! I was like girlfriend must travel a lot! i hear you on the washing daily from the gym sweaty gross hair. so bad for my hair!

  8. Happy Friday! We have a date night at Cajun Queen tonight...where's yours?!

    As for hair products, I have an Aveda Institute appointment tomorrow where I plan on restocking on my prodcuts!

    Sidenote: WHAT IS THAT DONUT THING?! I love when you wear your hair in that bun and had no clue you were using a donut. Is it like the sock bun concept? Do tell.

    Oh - and can you puh-lease do a hot rollers tutorial? I refuse to purchase a set till someone shows me how to use them.

    Happy Weekend, friend! xo

  9. i do love Aveda products - unfortunately Moroccan oil is too heavy for my hair, but i use the mask (smells SOOOOOOO good) - i switch my products all the time - this way my hair doesn't get use to 1

  10. I need a donut too. Wonder if my hair is too short?

  11. My favorite shampoo and conditioner is Joico K pack, color therapy. Perfect 10 deep condition treatments (once a week). My 1.5 revlon curling iron. I need to try the moroccan oil! Love the list will have to try a few :) Have a great weekend!

  12. if i go to bed with my semi-wet hair in a braid i'll wake up with damp hair, no joke! mine's SO thick!

    thanks for sharing your hair secrets!

    ps your hair looked gorg today! (on instagram)

  13. I love the Moroccan Oil products they are awesome! I have tried the Tresemme dry shampoo and didn't love it...maybe it's just me?

  14. My hair guru/bff Ali just sent me Psssst dry shampoo - GAME. CHANGER. Review coming on BHB in a bit but yeah it's pretty magical.

    Aussie 3 minute miracle is my go to deep in-shower conditioner.

    Also I saw a girl with that donut thing in her hair on the subway... I know because she failed to cover a portion of it with hair... awk.

  15. Hi April!! I love your blog and this is my first comment. I am a WEN girl. I have been using it for 15 months and my hair has healed. I buy it on QVC when they have specials. This product is so good for your hair. I take it with me to the salon because I can't imagine ever using shampoo.

    Have a blessed weekend..


  16. Smooth infusion is the bomb--good stuff. Love Moroccan oil too!

  17. Ohh the rinse and oil trick after working out...I may need to try that. I'm like you and will often wash mine at night after working out but I hate having to wash it every day. Good tip, thanks!

  18. I'll be blunt - I am such a slut for Paul Mitchell and Aveda products. They have made my life so much easier!

  19. I love the Tresemme dry shampoo and hairspray. I also would need a crazy stockpile if Matrix Biolage Conditioning Balm ever went off the market.


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