Celebrating A Special Bebe

I was so happy to join Dee on Saturday as we celebrated the upcoming arrival of her sweet baby girl.

This petite bebe is already so loved.  We had a wonderful time spoiling her to pieces (and her mama too!).  Dee is positively glowing, and I know she and Brad are going to be fantastic parents.

Lots of bloggers came to celebrate!  From left:

Dee opened some really fun gifts as well.  Little Shelby is going to be one stylin' chica.

After seeing the Sleep Sheep on so many friends' blogs, I got this for Baby Shelby in addition to some fun girly hats.

Ya'll wouldn't believe the cake.  It was absolutely gorgeous.

It was made by Lulu, who also made Dee's cake for her gender reveal barbeque.

The bottom layer was vanilla, and the top layer strawberry.  You know I went for the top layer!

The shower was so beautiful, and the hostesses were so hospitable.  They really went over the top.  They even sent us home with the cutest little gift -- pesto jalapeno mayonnaise with a personalized label.  How cute is this?!

For a full recap of the day and more decor photos, see Dee's post

Dee, I am absolutely thrilled for you girl, and I can't wait to hold that sweet child of yours!


  1. Love it. It was SO good to see you all. Thaks for the shout out on the cake. Too sweet!

  2. AWWW!! Thanks for the sweet post! I'm so glad ya'll came!

  3. I need some of that mayo!

    SO glad you all got to be there to celebrate. Isn't it weird how blogs bring people together? Who would have thunk it.

  4. You ladies are so beautiful look at your dresses :) love the pics!

  5. Wow this looks like a beautiful shower! And that cake is incredible, I want one for my birthday :)

  6. That cake is amazingggg! I'm loving all the pink and green :)

  7. What fun! You all look amazing! And that cake... w o w!

  8. My mayo got confiscated at airport security, I was so sad!

    It was so fun to meet you!!

  9. Love that cake and the lanterns/poms hanging over the table! The sleep sheep is a great gift, and she looks adorable in her Lilly!

  10. It was so nice to meet you...We were all talking about how adorable you are! I sure could go for some of LuLu's cake right was amazing! Great re-cap of the shower

  11. SO much fun! Lovely recap!

    Have you tasted the mayo yet? OMG, so good!

  12. That's such a gorgeous cake! And that mayo sounds AMAZING!

  13. what a gorgeous shower!!!!!! love that southern and i want that cake NOW please

  14. I love that all y'all bloggers went to celebrate with Dee! So fun! I commented on her blog that everything looked just gorgeous and so perfect.

  15. Oh my goodness how cute!!! I love that cake. xo


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