Guest Post: Megan from Fried Green Pickles

Happy Wednesday, all!  I've been working some wild hours both this week and last, and found this to be the perfect opportunity for me to wave my little white flag for at least one of those days.  I decided that I wanted, no -- NEEDED, to hand over the reigns to a bloggie friend who I've been wanting to ask to guest post for a long while now.  And since I'm certifiably obsessed with all things wedding, I was so happy that she would consider posting about her own wedding planning.  So, sit back and enjoy, and Megan, thanks for helping me to keep my sanity, wink!


Hello A.Liz Adventures readers! I'm Megan from Fried Green Pickles taking over for the day so April can have a break from her super crazy work schedule (that you wouldn't even know she's had because she's posted every day!). 

If you took a peek at my blog, you'd find five major topics: my sweet pup Brady, yummy recipes, the South Carolina Gamecocks, and my smokin' hot fiance along with my our wedding planning!

So today, in honor of Wedding Wednesday, April thought it would be fun for me to re-cap what my favorite parts of wedding planning has been so far! We've been engaged now for close to 9 months and only have less than 7 months left to go! Can't wait for March 30, 2013!

First up, is getting engaged, of course! 
After 3 years of dating, sweet Cameron proposed to me on December 24, 2011 in our very own home.

Next, I had the man I was going to marry, so I needed to ask my bridesmaids to stand next to me!

Finding my dress was so exciting! 
What girl wouldn't want to try on multiple gorgeous white dresses and find the one that was perfect for her??

The engagement pictures were super fun...once we figured out where we were going to have them taken, and once we got past that awkward feeling of having our picture taken 235348504385 times. :) The little bit of stress was SO worth it.

Even though we had 8 months to go until the wedding, I decided to have my bachelorette party last month! You see, having lived in South Carolina my whole life, I'm not much of a cold weather girl so the beach is where I wanted to celebrate and August was the last hot month until the wedding, which is in March! It was definitely the most fun weekend of my life!

And finally, last weekend, Cameron and I took our wedding party on a booze cruise so that people who didn't know each other could meet and just to celebrate, really!
Here's a pic of Cameron and I with our parents.

I hope you enjoyed hearing my favorite parts of wedding planning thus far and hope you'll stop by Fried Green Pickles to say hello soon! 
If you're a bride who is also planning your upcoming wedding, I'd especially love to hear from you so I can follow along with you, as well!

Thanks for having me, April!


  1. Congratulations! Love the picture of you, your fiance, and your dog! :)

    My fiance and I have about 9 months to go until our wedding, and just had our engagment pictures taken a couple days ago! It's so exciting, but this time is going by SO much faster than I thought it would, espeically these last few months!


  2. April--glad you had that glas off wine last night after your crazy day. You're halfway through the week, my friend!

    Megan--you know how much I love always reading about your wedding happenings. I somehow missed the booze cruise, but what a great idea!

  3. I love your e-pics! And the bridesmaid invites are so adorable - my cousin did the exact same thing when asking us!!

  4. These are great Megan! I love that you got your wedding party together before the big day so they could meet each other. What a fantastic idea! And your engagement photos are absolutely adorable, of course :)



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