My Jewelry Making Table: Re-Do Reveal!

My happy place?  It's my little jewelry making table. 

After a long day, it's so relaxing to sit down with a glass of wine and start creating some pieces.  And then I try to talk myself out of keeping them all!  Some go on Etsy, some go straight to my jewelry box.  :)

The only stressful thing I was encountering was the fact that my table was overflowing with items and I had a large, empty wall above me.

Here's what I mean:


Recently I'd had enough.  I needed a change, stat!

I waited until the corkboard and the shelf went on 50% off sale at Hobby Lobby.  The shelf was originally dark, but nothing a few coats of flat white spray paint couldn't fix so that it matched the frame.

I then equipped myself with a hammer, some nails, a level, and some blue painter's tape to map out where each piece should go.

And ... ta-da!

The corkboard is the perfect place to store inspiration ideas and photos.

And the shelf holds a necklace form, an earring holder, and tools.

Now I have the perfect way to capture ideas, like this one for bejeweled napkin rings that my Mom found for me in Southern Living.  Eddie Ross can do no wrong, truly.

And some non-jewelry things I love ... a photo strip from our wedding photo booth, and a very small print of my sister Sarah's painting.

Finally, I can sit at my jewelry table and feel organized and ready to create!

With everything now in its proper place (including two drawers full of pretty beads -- and more in the closet!), I have a renewed interest in carving out a little bit of time daily to get the creative juices flowing.

So there it is -- and I am so happy to cross another item off of the to-do list!


  1. Love this!! I have been needing to redo my desk and bulletain board, and this was just the inspiration I needed :)

  2. Looks good! for some reason I pictured you working at your dining room table?

  3. How pretty! I'd love to get into jewelry making but I would have no idea how to even begin!

  4. It looks so great! So is your to-do list neverending? I'm finding that is how it is when you own a house.

  5. Looks so great, good job!

  6. Love it! And if you ever find more turquoise beads like the ones you wore as earrings Saturday, please put my name on them! I love love love those earrings!!

  7. This is so inspiring! I always think that I need a huge amount of space to do creative projects. This is definitely proof that a well-organized small space can do the trick!!

  8. Cute and organized...I love it! :)

  9. Did I tell you that I used to make jewelry? I worked for custom designer in high school and played with it for fun for a few years. I still miss it, maybe I will pick back up sometime. LOVE your space! You definitely need that for jewelry making!

  10. Looks great!! Perfect jewelry making space- I used to make jewelry in high school but it's been so long, maybe I should try it again.

  11. This is beyond adorable. Seriously you have one very pinterest-worthy space now! Looking forward to seeing more of your jewelry!

  12. i really love it when there's a place for everything! this is great! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  13. Oooh--Love seeing where it all goes down! I have that same story of Eddie Ross using vintage brooches for napkin rings.. Love!

  14. Oh wow, that is so, so cute! I love the necklace you have on the necklace circle thingie stand. ;)

  15. Looks great and everything has its own little place! Love the photobooth pics from your wedding. :)

  16. I absolutely love it! However, I think you should try coloring the borders of your wall the same as the color of the wooden cabinet. It’s stunning, but somehow, I think that white border left the table below unnoticeable. To maintain balance and emphasis in the area, then I’d suggest you color it with dark brown. Good luck!

    Jeffry Pullam

  17. This is wonderful! How I wish I own a table full of amazing stuff, like yours. I only have one box for all of my jewelry and I think I need to get a bigger box now. Putting a corkboard above is a great idea and I envy your necklace holder.

    Paige Low


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