No Boys Allowed

Ian recently had a guys' night for their Fantasy Football draft, and I had the house all to myself.

You know what that means ... right?


{Exhibit A}
Dinner consisted of grapes, cherries, castellvetrano olives (OMG), hummus, and jalapeno pretzel chips.

{Exhibit B}
Chilly white wine.

{Exhibit C}
Self-tanning with no fear of smelling wacky.
I like this one.

{Exhibit D}
Mud mask time.
You can get yours here in a small size or jump to a larger size.

And I also admit that I finally put a dent in a show that has been clogging up our DVR for far too long.

And I got through three episodes ... now I only have about 42 left (or at least that's how it seems).

I just can't wait to see if she makes it through her wedding day without a wardrobe malfunction.

Oh! I also gave myself a manicure.

From time to time, a girly night is a definite, definite MUST.

Cheers, ladies!


  1. Love those nights! I always have some variation of a cheese/fruit plate when my husband is gone in the evenings. I can't understand why boys don't consider that an acceptable supper!

  2. that mint masque is my all time fav!

  3. Hubs is gone tonight on business so you better believe I'm stopping by the market to pick up some olives/cheese. My DVR has a few episodes of Dance Moms (omg - i just admitted it..) to catch up on. Throw in some PJ's and puppy cuddles and I might just tell him there's no need to rush home tomorrow. LOVE girly nights.

  4. Definitelys sounds like a great night! Guys just don't always understand how good girly dinners are - but they definitely count! :) Glad you had a relaxing, enjoyable night!


  5. So fun! Sounds like a great night indeed! I can't believe I wasted my brain cells on that show---but of course, I had to watch! haha

  6. Sounds like the perfect girly night to me! I never saw the end of the show and wondered what happened, too. I saw bits and pieces here and there.

  7. Those nights are great every now and then. When my husband's gone things get crazy around my house -- I eat quiche for dinner, wear my retainers and a mask, turn the a/c up way above an 'acceptable' temperature, watch Giuliana and Bill reruns and go to bed early! Its fabulous.

  8. Every time my husband travels I get secretly excited b/c I can't wait to have a girly night! I swear the minute he leaves for a business trip all my single girl habits pop back up

  9. Nights like this are my absolute favorite! xo

  10. Those nights are the best! I'm so impressed by your girls night meal, mine is usually cereal because I'm too lazy to do much more. Thanks for sharing the mask, I'm always looking for a great mud mask!

  11. I'm actually having a girl's weekend on Saturday. Hello mani/pedi, girlie foods, facemasks and hair appointments! Sometimes its just so neccessary. BTW-I love jergens. Its the only tanner I swear by.


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