Weekend Highlights

So yes, it is indeed Monday, but the great news is, another weekend begins in just five days!
I had a really great weekend.  While I do love having plans, sometimes it's so refreshing to have a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants sort of weekend.  It's a true departure from the scheduled predictibility of the workweek.
Our weekend highlights:
After-work run with the husband around the neighborhood and then a walk with Drake
Pizza date night at a local joint.  The pizza was just okay, but we scored a seat on the patio overlooking a below patio with live music. Definitely the highlight of the dinner!
Quite a yummy sauv blanc!
Morning trip together to the gym
Tree shopping at a local nursery
Stuffing three gorgeous new trees into Ian's car
Catching the ECU Pirates game at Braswells, then relocating at halftime to our house
Wings with Ian at our favorite local dive bar


The lone wine drinker :)

Breakfast prepared by Ian
Finished Season 1 of Dexter (o.m.g. we can't wait to start Season 2)
Planted all 3 new trees
Fall mani + pedi
Laundry galore
Meal planning for the week
Ian watched the Raiders dominate
I treated myself to a farewell-to-the-weekend cocktail
Dinner highlight: Ian said I "cook enchiladas like a rockstar"

Our gorgeous new coral bark Japanese maple (still waiting for some grass seed to take!)

Grey Goose, lime sparkling water, homemade basil-mint simple syrup

So ... let the next weekend countdown begin!
What were some of the highlights of your weekend?


  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend, relaxing, but productive! Those are my favorites :)

    Also - love that color on your nails!!

  2. We did some fun stuff like tailgate and hit the farmer's market, but my favorite moment of the weekend was just spending friday night sitting out on our deck, splitting a bottle of wine!

  3. Looks like a great weekend! My sister came home from vet school so we did tons of shopping!

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend! The pic of the trees in y'alls car is hilarious!

  5. Did you go to ECU??? I went there my freshman year.

  6. love your nails! what a great color for fall.

  7. Sounds like the perfect weekend and I love the polish colors! xo

  8. Haha I love the lone wine drinker pic!

  9. Just saw MCW's comment. Who knew??!! She's never mentioned that!?
    Sounds like a fun weekend and much like ours.
    It was nice not to have any major plans on the agenda.
    Also, love the baby bumps. You weren't kidding when you said A LOT of the people you know are pregnant.
    I guess you and LuLu really do have that in common.

  10. Your homemade drink looks (and sounds) really good - but I've got to try the Monkey sauv blanc. Glad you had a great weekend - you looked so cute on Friday!

  11. Omg we LOVE Dexter!! The new season starts this Sunday!!

  12. Oh gosh, I feel you on the lone wine drinker part! It seems like ALL of my girlfriends are suddenly prego at the same time..!

  13. Love your outfit from Friday night, so cute. Love that you got three new trees for your yard, I'm officially getting old. Love that you are the lone wine drinker, that used to be me! Give me 5.5 more months, I'll be back ;)

  14. You are just the cutest! Always. Miss your face, girl :)


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