Friday Five {Pink Edition}

October = pink!
This is the month we focus on breast cancer awareness.

This blog often celebrates all that is fun, fabulous, pretty, and yummy, and I don't always go into all aspects of my life.  But this form of cancer has been a part of my family this year.  And for that ... I will wear my pink with even more conviction this month.

Five pink things I'm digging today:

Several Charlotte businesses have dyed their fountains the loveliest shade of pink.  I love driving by them in the morning on the way to work!  The picture below is not Charlotte, but that's how our fountains look now.  It puts a smile on my face daily.

There are so many delicious shades of pink nail polish now.  Fall nails don't always have to be dark.  Heck, I think of a light pink nail polish as a neutral!

Pink: Nailed It.

Pink kitchen accessories.  These Anthropologie juice glasses are just the cutest.  And just so you know, I consider wine a juice too.  Wouldn't you love to sip your "juice" from this?

Pink workout wear is the jam.  This Old Navy running top has thumbholes, people, thumbholes!

The weekend is here!  Why don't you treat yourself with some pink goodies?  TGIF, ya'll!

Pink Champagne


  1. The fact that they turned the fountain pink is amazing. And I'm in search of great new running gear, so I'll have to try out the top from Old Navy! I hope you have a great weekend! xo, Maria

  2. The pink fountains are too cool!! I went into Lululemon here for the first time yesterday and they are participating a "pink" run next week that I might run. Don't know though if this body is ready yet for a mountain race! Your blog is looking fab, btw. I've got to get some organization and reconstruction done on mine.

  3. love this post! are you running the race tomorrow? I am! so excited!

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those (wine)juice glasses!

  5. I totally love those nail polishes! They are perfect to support all those who we celebrate this month!

  6. I'm so sorry to hear cancer has been close to your family this year.

    What a gorgeous pink fountain! :)


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