Friday Five

It's a foggy Friday morning in New Bern, NC. 
But it's Friday.
And that's all that matters!

Five things I'm loving now:

{1} Gorgeous breakfast views in this sweet city.

{2} Major shopping scores at my favorite little consignment store here in town ... pictures soon!

{3} Loving these heels.  Do you?
Source: via April on Pinterest

{4} Halloweeeeeeeeen is here, and we have a fun weekend ahead!

{5} I need to make this bruscetta appetizer recipe, stat. 

Happy weekending to you and yours!


  1. that view is beautiful! happy weekend!

  2. I hope you all continue to have a wonderful time. It looks like the weather is still cooperating for the time being... was there any red in the sunrise (red sky at morning, sailor take warning!)? Have you ever been to JL Kirkman's Antique Mall? It is so awesome. My family has scored some incredible Art Deco jewelry there - I have a 4carat marquise cut peridot from there that I adore. Lots of amazing stuff!


  3. Happy weekend! I love all your happenings for Friday. That recipe looks divine. I think I need to make that asap too.

  4. Gorgeous sunrise view! Happy Friday!

  5. Great blog! Would you like to follow each other?

    Much Love,


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