Hair Obsessed

Hair Obsessed

"I blame Pinterest."
How many times has this phrase been uttered?

I don't think I've ever been so adventurous with my hair.
Thanks, P!

Pinterest has made me look at ponytails in a whole new light.  And updos, and all other hairstyles.  Anything and everything can be accomplished with a quick tutorial or YouTube video!

Source: via April on Pinterest

So, are you as hair obsessed as I am?
What's your go-to style for both work and play?

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  1. they make it look SO easy, don't they??? i just need 4 more hands ;)

    i love a fun low ponytail in a messy bun or a side braid half up style!

  2. Oh that teasing one is good!! I will have to try that, I love a good tease!

    I also learned from Pinterest, to put your bobby pins in ridged side down (to your scalp) changing.

  3. I am so UNhair obsessed it's sad. I have two go-to styles - straight or curly - and that's all I do.

    I tried the sock bun once and the sock I used showed through the entire time - and that was the last hair experiment I think I will try!!!

  4. They do make it look easy. I need someone to come do it for me each morning.

  5. OH MY, these is a great combo of hair styles. Geeze I want to wear them all! xoxo

  6. I need extensions like yesterday... or need to start popping like double the prenatal vitamins.

  7. I'm loving buns right now--and the messy braided styles are so pretty too!

  8. I love these looks! Why can't I ever get mine to look this good. I love that side view from the first one. Elegant, yet fun.


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