A Baby Sprinkle

I was discussing the new-ish concept of a baby sprinkle with my mom recently, and it was one she was unfamiliar with.  A "baby sprinkle" is often given when a mother is having her second baby.  Instead of being given a big, formal baby shower, you instead opt to sprinkle the mom instead with some things that she can use for baby #2!

My beautiful friend Meg is expecting her second boy next month.  This past Sunday afternoon, we all gathered for a brunch at Cantina 1511.  What made this different from a typical shower is that it was a lot more casual ... we sent out electronic invitations via Paperless Post, everyone purchased their own brunch, and since Meg didn't register at baby stores for this baby, we all just brought a little outfit for her new baby boy to wear.

We are so excited to meet little Baby C!


  1. I've heard of sprinkles more just recently. What's big in Louisiana and in the deeper South are 'Sip and See's' :)
    They're all fun!

  2. I love this idea. I just went to a sip and dip shower for my sister in law last night...So Much Fun!!! Hope you're having a fabulous week. oxo

  3. I have never even heard of a baby sprinkle before. Such a cute idea! looks like lots of fun. xx

  4. This is a lovely idea! Adding to my Future Life Plans files :)

  5. My best friend is having her 2nd baby, and I love this idea. Thanks! :)


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