Bloggie Birthday + Introduce Yourself!

Yesterday marked a big day ... my blog's 2nd birthday!

Let's plan a celebration in style, shall we?
Of course you are invited.
After receiving this in the mail, you learn the party details.

It will be a most colorful affair.

With St. Germain drinks galore, of course.

And for the meal, we will have cookie dough dip.

Source: via April on Pinterest

And will the party end after that?

Because we've got a bounce house, ya'll.

And then I will send you all on your merry way with a vintage teacup candle that I effortlessly DIY'ed. (Remember, we're dreaming here)  

But seriously, it's been such a FUN two years, and I have met so many sweet people through this ol' blog. 

Now, in true cocktail party fashion, let's do a fun little introduction game.  Please comment with your name and where you live.  For those of you that have a blog -- your blog name & web address, and your favorite three things to write about!


  1. Well even thought you "know me"...Hi to everyone else! Lia in Hoboken, New Jersey!

    I like to blog about party planning, food and living in the North ;)

  2. Happy Blog birthday!
    Natalie from Maryland- blog is
    I usually blog about fashion, home decor, and my life!

  3. Yay! Happy 2 years of blogging!

    I'm Jill from Raleigh, NC. I blog about recipes/entertaining, decor (we just bought a house!), and running/fitness. Basically, everything!

  4. Hi! I love this! Happy Happy Blog Birthday! I am Katie, live in Boston (with some NC roots, headed down tonight for the holiday:) and blog too sporadically at
    I like to blog about the F, fashion and fun times!

  5. Happy Birthday Blog! I am Sarah. I am from Boston, but live on Boston's North Shore. I blog here and there but am currently in an off stage. I love your blog. It is my go to! Keep up the good work!

  6. This is such a cute post! Erica from Alabama

  7. Happy (Blog) Birthday!

    Julie from Atlanta, GA -

    I blog about life updates, home decor and fashion finds :)

  8. Sounds like a fabulous party! I'm Larissa and I live in the peach state- Georgia! My husband and I are expecting our first little on at the end of April so I have been blogging our journey. You can find us at!

  9. Happy blog birthday! So exciting! I'm Heather from Raleigh, NC. I used to blog at Grace303 but haven't in a while...

  10. I'm in for the PAR-TAY!!

    I think you might know who I am and where I live...only in the best ski town ever--Park City--which I have yet to ski. ;)

  11. Happy blog birthday, April!

    Love this idea! I just did something like this a couple weeks ago. It's such a great way to meet new bloggers!

    I'm Lauren and I blog at Choosing Joy. My three favorite things to blog about are life, love, and photography.


  12. Brianna for Adventures of the southern wife.
    I love to blog about life, cooking and random stuff that makes me laugh

  13. Sounds like a fab party!!! and Congratulations on two years!

    I'm Emily, a Georgia transplant living in Washington, D.C. I blog about makeup, fashion and general beauty with a little bit of politics and my coffee obsession thrown in. You can find me at

  14. Hi, love reading your blog and congrats on 2 years! My name is Brett, a Virginia native living in Denver, Colorado. I write a blog about things I love (life events, celeb gossip, design, fashion, and cooking) over at



    I write at Blair's Head Band aaaand my three favorite things to write about are recipes I concoct in the K.I.T., products I use/test/recommend (see tag "product junkie"), and the fun things I do with my love and my friend and my family.

  16. Happy birthday to your blog!! Two years is pretty awesome!

    You "know" me, but I'm Whitney, I live in Houston, Texas (but in Greenville, SC right now! WOOP WOOP), and I blog at The Observant Turtle.

    I love to write about my blog friends, many of whom have become IRL friends! I also love to talk about food and reflections on life :)

  17. Happy Blog B-Day!! I've read your blog for some time, but don't think I've ever commented before - love it by the way! My name is Theresa, I live in Northern Virginia, and my blog is TLC in DC. I started my blog a little over a year ago and haven't really kept up with it, but am trying to work on that. When I do blog, I like to blog about beauty products, books, & of course my sweet family. :)

  18. Well, my dear friend - your party was fabulous!

    My name is Tess from

    I reside in Los Angeles, CA.

    I mainly talk about my new city, my fiance and upcoming wedding, and the life I wish I lived!

  19. Sounds like my type of party! Shannon blogging from Charleston,SC on all things wedding planning,life as I know and the life I hope to have with my fiance over at Guard Your Heart,

  20. Great party! Happy blogiversary!

    I'm Sara, blogging from St. Louis.

    I spend my time writing about my baby, my baby and my baby...because having a baby completely takes over your life and there's nothing else. Well, there's sleep deprivation, poop, spit up and sheer exhaustion, which I also bitch about occasionally. :)

  21. Love the party--especially the bounce house and cookie dough dip.

    I'm Emily blogging from Omaha.

    I don't have any favorites to write about, I write about my life as a law student, shopaholic, candy addicted, girl!

  22. Julia in Richmond, VA

    I blog about interior design, fashion and my kids

  23. cute cute! happy birthday bloggie!

    laura, charlotte, (duh!)

  24. Bounce houses make any party better! Happy 2 years to one of my most favorite bloggy friends! Cheer to many more posts to come! xo

  25. Happy Blog Birthday!

    My name is Molly, from Minnesota, I love blogging about my travel adventures, my dog and books.


  26. Happy Blog Birthday! Wendy Sue, aka Connecticut Cupcake, blogging from Charlottesville, Va by way of Connecticut(obvi) I write about a host of random things- baking, running, shopping, and more.

  27. Happy Second Blog B-day! My name is Eileen and I just started a blog named Lobster Meets Peach. I enjoy writing about living in NoVa with sweet family and some of the meals I make for my family.

  28. Elizabeth from Texas! :-) I blog at and mainly blog about recipes! :-)

  29. Megan from Charleston, SC!
    Fried Green Pickles is the name of the blog -

    Blog about every day adventures, wedding planning and yummy recipes!

  30. Sadly, I don't have a blog, but thanks to my daughter (itissochoice), I've followed you religiously. Congratulations on two years!

  31. Melissa Beare
    Dallas, Texas

    I don't blog every day thanks to my "real" job but I enjoy writing about food, travel and a smattering of other random topics (friends, wine, parties, football, husband, living in Dallas, etc...)

    Love your blog! I check it out everyday.

  32. Love this! I haven't been in a bounce house in such a long time.

    I'm April
    Greenville, North Carolina

    I have a lifestyle blog - my recent posts are mostly about wedding planning, recipes, and beauty.

  33. I'm anni from Charlotte

    I blog about my twins, my family, and our life :)

  34. Hi April and All!!

    My name is Katy and I currently live in Ann Arbor, MI but spent the first 25 years of my life in Texas :). After 4.5 years of living in the North I guess I have to claim it as home? My blog is kept quiet for professional reasons, but my fav things to blog about are finance, DIY stuff, and just diarying our travels!! I love looking back on all the memories.

    Happy 2nd Birthday!!!!!!!

  35. Hi, I'm Kelly from Memphis. Not sure how I happened upon your blog, but it is one of the few that I regularly enjoy reading.

  36. Happy Blog Birthday!!! Let's see, I like to blog about fashion, food and decorating my home. And also babies and wine, but you will only read about one of the two these days ;) xo

  37. Happy bloggy birthday! What a fantastic party!

    I'm Sara, I live just around the corner from you in Charlotte, and I blog at

    I blog about whatever strikes my fancy. :-)

  38. Awww, happy 2nd year here... SO glad I connected with you, and what a lovely soiree!
    You know me and my little ditty....
    the Queen City Style here in the Queen City, where I like to write about fashion, fashion and more fashion... :)

  39. Happy birthday my dear! Your blog is one of my most favorite in the blogosphere, and I look forward to reading it every post!

    I'm HMC, I live in MA, and my blog is I like to blog about my small dog, ridiculous clothes/home decor, and foooooood.

  40. Happy birthday my dear! Your blog is one of my most favorite in the blogosphere, and I look forward to reading it every post!

    I'm HMC, I live in MA, and my blog is I like to blog about my small dog, ridiculous clothes/home decor, and foooooood.

  41. Happy Blogiversary :) Here's to many more years of fantastic blogging!

    I'm Christina from Northern Virginia.
    Check me out at

  42. Hi- Suzanne from Baltimore. Love your blog! I follow your recipes - my son loves your pizza chicken (it is his favorite meal). I make it once a week! Keep up the great work!

  43. Fun! Happy Birthday!

    My name is Lisa. I live in Atlanta and I blog at Floating Along. I just write about whatever is happening in our lives, which mostly consists of traveling, eating/drinking, and spending time with friends & family.

  44. congratulations on #2! i love reading your blog!

    my name is jordan and i live in los angeles. my blog is and i like writing about interior decorating for my new apartment, clothes/shoes i want to buy, the new recipes i try and cook for my boyfriend, and the many trips i go on!

  45. Sharon in New York City!
    I'm all over the place, topic-wise, but books dominate my posts. I also write about things I love in NYC, and klutzy moments when I embarrass myself hilariously.

  46. Happy Birthday April!! I am a reader of your blog. I love it and you as well! (even though we have never met in person) I live in the ATL and it has been a beautiful fall this year. I hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas.


  47. How fabulous!

    I"m Glitterista from Northeast Ohio! :)

    I love blogging about parties, Gossip Girl, and my upcoming wedding.


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