Bordeaux Fall Coat

Please tell me I'm not the only one that has a hard time dressing for cold weather?

The bulk, the added weight of big jackets ... ugh.  Added on top of the fact that I don't really know if a high of 63* translates into coat weather or not (I didn't get that weather knowledge gene) -- I'm often getting lectured for not dressing well enough for a chilly climate.

And then my husband takes off his coat and gives it to me.  Along with "a look."

Some of fall's bordeaux-hued jackets, though, have me second guessing my current stance.  I'd gladly add any of these to my coat closet!

Bordeaux Fall Coat

Oasis coat, $160 / McQ by Alexander McQueen studded jacket, $1,895 / Wool coat / Dorothy Perkins swing coat / Coast cashmere coat, $355 / Biba double breasted coat, $280

If given a choice, I'd probably go with the bottom left version.  Oooh la la, so very pretty.

Which one is your favorite?


  1. I would love that pretty leather one! That is one staple I am missing from my winter wardrobe: a fabulous leather jacket!

  2. That color is to die for! I'd choose the top right!

  3. I think the black patent leather strapped coat is my favorite!

  4. Bottom middle for me! Love the shape!


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