Entertaining + Hostess Gifts

This time of year, it's so much fun to gather with friends for a dinner party. The cooler weather just begs for a fire in the fireplace and warm cozy food.

Why not spoil your host with a fun new cookbook?  Williams-Sonoma always has such a great selection with the prettiest pictures on the front. 

Williams Sonoma Cookbooks

For The Newlyweds:
Bride & Groom Cookbook (we were given this for a wedding gift; love it!)
For The Foodie:
For The Hostess:

I also think an apron would be such a thoughtful hostess gift.  Anthropologie always has such a great selection of designs.

And the best part?

I fully believe that if you are the hostess, you should treat yourself to a hostess gift of your own!  Why not?  :)  Will any of these be making your Christmas list this year?


  1. always looking for new recipes- I love cookbooks!

  2. Couple of my standard hostess gifts:
    - a pretty candle
    - a fancy soap
    - a nice guest hand towel

    Love getting new ideas though!

  3. In NYC, the go-to hostess gift is wine. We don't have space for tchotchkes!

  4. Great idea! I love looking at the book section of discount stores (TJMaxx). I have so, so many cookbooks that I seriously have a problem. And you know what's even worse? I haven't opened a single one of them in the past two months, it's been Pinterest only for recipes.

  5. My go to is a nice candle or a bottle of wine. I'm with Blair, not big on chotzy stuff either. I love cookbooks but I have a million! I have a bit of a problem!! LOL!!

  6. I love Williams and Sonoma cookbooks. I love giving and getting cookbooks. Even if you don't make all the recipes, I still think they are fun to flip through!

  7. I wanted the Bride & Groom entertaining/cookbook set as a wedding gift so badly! I can't wait to spoil my friends with it...along with a nice bottle of wine.

  8. I would love to gifted a cute apron! They have a fun vintage feel plus they help save on dry cleaning;)

  9. I would love to gifted a cute apron! They have a fun vintage feel plus they help save on dry cleaning;)

  10. What a great idea! I love that and so thoughtful too :)

    xo, Jenna

  11. I would love to have the bride and groom cookbook. I've been searching for a good one for awhile, as it can sometimes be challenging cooking tasty and healthy meals for only the two of us. That would make a nice gift, too.

    And those aprons! Love them!



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