Fashion on a Friday!

Part of the reason why I get so giddy about the weekends is for weekend clothes.

I'm pretty fortunate -- my office allows "business casual" dress, so jeans are completely normal. You can often find me in a dress, pencil skirt, or black pants, but at least two out of the three workdays you'll be guaranteed to find me in jeans.

One thing that I don't wear at the office? Leggings. For obvious reasons. But on the weekend, that's what I live in. I love how versatile they can be! (The elastic waistbands aren't too awful either)

Leggings 6 Ways

My main rule is that the top must cover the boo-tay.  We've all seen that poor girl walking around that thinks she's wearing leggings ... they are more like semi-opaque tights!  I can see your underpants, honey!

A good rule of thumb I employ is to bend over in front of the dressing room mirror.  That stretches the leggings out, letting you know if they are peek-a-boo leggings or if the weave of the leggings is tight enough and thick enough to keep your undergarments from showing through.

The long tunic I'm wearing below covered enough of me from the front to be acceptible in my books, and the blue long cardigan I have on covered more than enough of my backside to pass.

Speaking of this outfit, I had a few questions about where I got my purse.  It's Amrita Singh and it's the Alaya style.  I ordered mine from Hautelook recently.  (For a free invitation to join, click here.)

The color is Sea Green.
The bag also comes in other great colors, like black and gold.

Amrita Singh is also very well-known for her jewelry.  She has some really spectacular designs.

Gorgeous, just gorgeous.
Happy Friday, ladies, and enjoy the weekend!

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  1. So glad you wear your leggings like a normal person... yayyyy...

    BTW, I think you could replicate those Amrita Singh Pebble Fireball Earrings pretty well!

  2. Love the Eastern Peony earrings, gorgeous!

  3. Have you tried JCrew's Pixie Pants? So comfortable and no one can see anything that they shouldn't!

  4. I've been living in beyond yoga leggings on the weekends, they are a true pant. On the athletic side but I'm usually pretty casual anyway! Your purse is gorg!! Happy weekend lil fashionista!


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