Mountain Weekend

We spent this past weekend in the mountains.  Ian and I drove separately since he had to leave early Sunday morning to get back for the Panthers game, and we also had our friends Ashley and Chase coming to join us.  I was the first one to arrive at the house, so I did all of the normal things ... turned on lights, got the rooms warmed up, got music flowing through the house, set out an appetizer, and poured a glass of wine.

And then I waited, and waited, and waited.  I felt like a kid on Christmas morning.

I took my wine outside with Drake and stared down the driveway, just praying for a car to drive up it soon.  And finally, everyone was there and our weekend began!

Friday, we kept it low-key and just spent lots of time chatting in the kitchen and then went out for Mexican food.

Saturday morning, we took the Ranger out exploring.  Ash and I were in the back sitting on a quilt, and when we got down to the bottom of the mountain we took the drivers' seats and put the boys in the back.

We followed that up with a little target shooting.  Ash was a natural!  Ian is an extremely good teacher.

Around 1:00 we started tailgating for the 3:30 game -- Appalachain against Furman (my alma mater).

We had awesome seats for the game.  Furman did lose, but only narrowly.  They kept it close the entire game!

After we left the game, we took Ash and Chase to The Gamekeeper, which we discovered recently for Ian's birthday dinner.  Ash and I had a cocktail made with St. Germain, and the boys had a beer.  We all shared their wild game appetizer.

We finished off that night in the hot tub with the cold air swirling all around us. 

Perfect weekend indeed! 


  1. It seems like you had such a nice weekend :) How far away is your mountain house from where you live? I would love to be able to go on a weekend vacation/getaway as much as you do but the nearest place we could go is the beach which is about two hours each way.


  2. What a wonderful weekend! I always do the same thing when I am waiting on guests. I rush around to get everything ready & then end up waiting on the edge of my seat! Your description made me laugh! The ASU/Furman game was always one of my favorite games! We were so bummed not to be able to go this year. I have to ask what is Ian doing wearing an ASU hat!? Rob would NEVER let me go to a Wake game not wearing Wake colors! ;)

  3. You had a fun-filled weekend! I think we would have the best time together in the mountains together. Ok, and yesterday's post about the holiday house tour--amazing! I would love to get to go to something like that. Can you imagine living in that every day? XO

  4. Sounds like the perfect weekend! As much as I love the beach, a mountain getaway sounds so amazing!

  5. Looks like a wonderful weekend!
    Any drink with St. Germain sings to my heart. ;)

  6. What a great weekend! I'm glad you all had fun :) I wish we had a house in the mountains that we could escape to on the weekends. I think Louie would love it the most. :) I bet he and Drake would have lots of fun too!

  7. I'm going to have to see this mountain house one day. Seems dreamy :)
    Is that a purple top or dress? I bought a similar purple sweater dress last year for LSU vs. Arkansas game. I ended up wearing it for Thanksgiving day though instead.

  8. Oh my goodness.. Reading this post made me jealous of your entire weekend! I LOVE weekends like this!

  9. I spent the weekend in Boone/Blowing Rock too! It was the best weather for a mountain weekend, and there were so many people in town for the game!

  10. I will tryyyyyy to not be jealous of you two with these gorgeous mountain outings y'all do! Seriously. So beautiful.


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