New York, Here We Come

The time has come ... helloooooo, New York!

New York

My NYC trip wishlist:

1. A faux fur vest. 
I know I'm late to join the party on this one, but all of the versions I've tried on seem so bulky and huge.  I'm still on the hunt for a slim, trim, non-Sasquatch-spotting fur vest. 

2. Cheap, trendy jewelry.
I absolutely love those cheap, trendy jewelry stores in NYC with the jewelry that goes on for miles and miles.  My favorite store there is called So Good.  On my last trip there, I bought two pairs of earrings that are some of my very favorites!  They always get compliments.  You can often find good knock-off versions of Amrita Singh and Kendra Scott earrings there.

3.  Bubble tea.
We used to have a kiosk here in Charlotte that is now kaput.  But I can always rely on a good bubble tea fix in Chinatown!

4. Starbucks.
Because it would be a tragedy to go to New York during the winter holidays and NOT walk around with the traditional red cup.  We obviously have Starbucks on every corner here in Charlotte, but it all takes on a new meaning in chilly New York.

5. A street vendor pashmina.
My pashmina collection is truly out of control, and I attribute that to all of my former New York trips where you can score them for $5 after a little bit of haggling and doing the walk-away.  I think I'd like a purple one, or maybe a pretty minty one.

What else should be on my New York wishlist?

To see recaps of my last trip to NYC this past March, click here for Day 1, here for Day 2, here for Day 3.


  1. Have such a good time! (We have a So Good in Boston, and it's so easy to spend hours and hours perusing the jewelry--overwhelming!)

  2. Love buying jewelry in NYC!! One of the things I miss most about living there, have the best time April! xo

  3. I could go on and on about my love of all things NYC. So much to do but never enough time! If you can, I would suggests a dinner at David Burke' Kitchen. So yummy!!!

  4. Hubs and I are going to NYC next Wednesday so would love to see a recap of your trip!

  5. you need to get you a street vendor hot dog...DUH!!! haha-and a litle visit to one of our favorite department stores (neiman, bloomies, saks, henri bendel) never hurts either ;)

    have a blast lady!!

  6. oohhhh! i love it! ive never been to NYC, but would love to go. i imagine this would be the perfect time - all the christmas decorations and it being a bit chilly! have so much fun! xoxo

  7. Have so much fun! I love NYC! My sister got the best scarf from a street vendor in Soho last time we were there- I'm still kicking myself for not getting one

  8. Have the best time, I will be in the city right after you later next week for work. Even better jewelry (and incredible bead finds!) on 6th Ave btw 37th and 40th, that is my first stop next week.

  9. I'm a jelly bean! I love all the cheap knock off junk too! At least this year you won't have to worry about a fake Louie! ;0 You have the real deal!!!

  10. I think you have a great list of things to do - but I think the #1 thing - esp with this time of year - is please go around and enjoy the Holiday Windows. Barney's with the Disney collaboration, Bergdorfs, Bendels, Macys, Tiffanys, etc etc. Enjoy it and I cannot wait to see what you post on Instagram!

  11. Love those scarves! I don't even want to count how many I far as can't miss, don't forget the amazing Indian food in Curry Hill! (Murrah Hill - east 20s). Or maybe a nice glass of wine in a cute wine bar in the Village. I like Bar Henry on Houston!

  12. Good list, I like street watches too -they are super fun for $5 a pop. If you need any food suggestions my friends usually use me as their own personal Yelp. Have fun!

  13. Stop in City Bakery for hot chocolate and homemade marshmallows. It's delish. A fun not too expensive restaurant is Otto. Huge wine list and yummy grilled pizza. Have so much fun!

  14. Seeing me should be on your list :)
    Not sure what your plans are for tomorrow/tomorrow night, but email me your number and maybe we can coordinate!! We're heading in for the evening to play tourist and go out!

  15. I've only ever been to NYC once and did the basic touristy things, nothing too fun since I was with two guys. I didn't even get to go shopping! :( I loved seeing the tree in Rockefeller Center, but my goal is to one day see SNL!!

  16. I love NYC! My parents are there today actually, seeing the Christmas show. I love wandering through Eataly and the Grand Central Market. A visit to Bouchon for macarons is always a must for me!

    ps have you seen Banana's faux fur vest? I wore mine to a JLC mtg Thursday and recevied many compliments

  17. I LIVE for So Good! Honestly, it looks just as good as Kendra Scott for a small fraction of the price!


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