The Big Five Hunny

I will soon be celebrating my blog's two year birthday, but for now, I have another fun milestone to celebrate!

Helloooooooo, 500th post!

As someone who liked to write in school but didn't LOVE it (I could always think of a pretty good thesis statement, but always struggled with how seamlessly to lead up to it), this little blog has shown me that I do, in fact, really enjoy writing!  Stream-of-consciousness sentences and topics that I'm actually passionate about seem to be the two missing links from my school days.

Because I have a lot of new faces 'round these parts, here's a little recap of the past 500 posts, done Senior Superlative style (since I went back to the high school mindset in that last bit).

Most Popular
Fresh Apple Cake (July 2012)

Most Likely To Create Controversy
Finances: Yours, Mine, Ours (June 2012)

Class Clown
My Outfit Of The Day (April 2011)

Most Romantic
Our Proposal Story - 05.15.10 (May 2011)

Most Southern
Shaggin' On The Boulevard (September 2011)

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy (January 2012)

Most Creative
Wreath Party At Mi Casa (December 2011)

And now, a shout-out to the top six who have sent blog readers my way.  You gals are the best.

Thanks to all of you for following along with me -- it's been a fun ride, with lots more to come.  Cheers!


  1. yay! fun stuff! Love that judy garland quote :)

  2. 500 posts?? that is CRAZY April!!! congrats my dear...big milestone and can't wait for many more ;)

  3. Woohoo! 500! Always one of my favorite daily reads. :)

  4. Cheers to 500! I'm so glad your blog led us to meet back in March - hoping to see you again sometime during your next 500 posts!! :)

  5. 500 is super impressive! Congratulations and cheers to many more. ;)

  6. Congrats April!
    Love the Judy Garland quote, and of course your blog!

  7. Awesome post. Your personality really shines through in every post. So fun and infectious! Happy 5ooth post!! Love the shagging post. SOS is the most fun big kids adult spring break ever. Love your wedding dress. Wonder if I've ever met your parents. Where do they live? Do you ever go to Lynn's on Thurs night?

  8. Happy 500!!! Looove the superlatives. Excited for the many posts to come! xo

  9. Congrats on 500 posts love!! You deserve it!

  10. 500 posts! Congrats!!! Maybe someday I'll get there:)

  11. Happy 500th! SO glad blogging connected us!!


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