A Baby Boy Shower

Recently, some girlfriends and I hosted a shower to celebrate our sweet friend and her bundle of joy.  Lindsay is a beaming mommy-to-be, and such a dear friend.  It's an absolute pleasure to celebrate her!

We lined the path to the front doors with light blue balloons ... an idea that I found on -- well, you know exactly where.

We used the kitchen for our drink area.  We had white wine, champagne with rosemary simple syrup, herbed water, and some fizzy drinks for all of those with-child (we had four in attendance!).

While I don't normally recommend drinking wine through straws, this idea was just too cute to pass up!

The dining room held all of the food.  We had quite a spread!  We labeled all of the dishes using washi tape on folded cardstock.  I had baby blue pacifiers hanging from my chandelier (a Dollar Tree find, believe it or not) and lime green taper candles.  The invitation I used was navy, baby blue, and lime green, so I incorporated those colors as much as I could.

Dollar Tree is also my go-to source for the metallic plasticware that looks like real silverware.  I absolutely love this stuff.  Perfect for tailgating or for large-ish parties where you don't want to worry about lots of washing.  The mercury glass equestrian bucket was a Target clearance find -- $4.88.  Can't beat it.  I just filled the bottom with rice and that helped the "silverware" to stand up.

Instead of a traditional cake, I ordered cakepops in colors that coordinated with the invitation.  I wanted a fun way to display them, so to the craft stores I went.  I used a topiary form that I covered with sheet moss and then filled a galvanized metal beverage tub with floral foam and covered it with more moss. The pops stuck right into the foam very well.

On the taper candles - they were a bit wobbly in the candlesticks and I didn't want a tipsy candle to start a fire during a pretty baby shower (complete buzzkill).  I used sticky putty to hold the candles in place, and then I covered the white part that was showing with some rosemary from the yard.  I just wrapped a small sprig around some green floral wire and then wrapped it around base, twisting the ends together.  It looked pretty, and I didn't have to keep an eye on my candles!

We hired a bodyguard to stand watch over the gifts, and we paid him in milkbones and rawhides.

I wanted to have a fun wreath beside the chair where Lindsay would open gifts, so I made an easy yarn-wrapped wreath and accented it with some adorable baby booties that she can use for baby.

All of the hostesses with Linds -- we had so much fun working together on this baby shower.

The guests went home with little surcees that were near the front door ... washi tape -- right in time for holiday gift wrapping!

It was definitely a non-traditional favor, but I wanted a non-food favor and something that was unique and memorable.

Now, patiently awaiting the arrival of baby boy!  "Aunt April" can't wait to meet him and love on him.


  1. You guys did such an amazing job for the shower!

    All the food looks delicious! Your chocolate chip cookies look so good - they look a lot better than mine. What recipe did you use? And could you share what food is below the cookies? They look so tasty!

    The wreath turned out great! That's such a nice keepsake for her, too.

    And even though it's "non-traditional" I love the washi tape favors! Most people throw out favors anyway, but that's one that they can definitely use!


  2. Love it all! I also love your hunting print in your dining room!! The horns on the table were a nice touch too.
    So, when is she due?

  3. I die over those pacifiers hanging from your chandelier. Pure genius.

    What dollar tree do you shop at?

    Oh, and good call on the washi tape favors - adorable!

  4. Such a cute shower! Love all of the details and the washi tape as favors!

  5. I love the wreath you made her! What a sweet shower and lovely gift for your friend. :)

  6. What an adorable shower! You went all out!

    Mom taught me to put a lil paper towel around the base of the taper candles and stuff it down so you can't see it. Works every time for those wobbly ones! But I like your idea too - much cuter!

  7. Just adore the tapers wrapped in rosemary! Pretty and creative!!!

  8. What would we do without Pinterest?! I love the straws in the mini wine bottles and all the other details. Such a beautiful shower!

  9. Love it all! Your wreath is going to be all over Pinterest soon!

    You are the QUEEN B of baby showers! Coming to you for any tips I need on throwing one in the future! xoxo

  10. wow this is amazing! It looks like a dream come true! great job girlie!! :)

  11. What a fantastic shower! I love the little bottles of wine with straws!! Seriously too cute! I bet the guests loved them :) The mother to be is glowing! So so beautiful.

    ps- OUR VEST IS SOLD OUT!! NOOOO!!!!!!! lol I am so sad

  12. LOVE the wine with the straws. I agree, too cute not to use. And the take home gift is so cute. You guys did an amazing job.

  13. So... when I get pregnant.... you'll plan my baby shower, right?!

    haha!! You are so awesome! This is gorgeous.

  14. Oh my goodness what an adorable baby shower! xx

  15. You did such a wonderful job! Your friends are so lucky to have you.

    Also, in typical Virginian fashion... I love the hunt scene print you have up in your dining room! So gorgeous.

  16. I liked your carpet, the one below the dog. Nice Colors.


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