My Christmas Wishlist + Thoughts

The Christmas countdown is ON!

We had a very special mini-Christmas this past weekend with my family due to the fact that we'll be celebrating on the actual holiday with Ian's family.  It was awesome ... a true highlight of the weekend.
What are you asking for this year?  I have a few items on my Christmas wishlist, a big change from the old days when we'd go leafing through the Toys 'R Us catalog, dog-earing just about every third page.  A rock tumbler, a fruit snack maker, Barbies galore, dollhouses, Barbie Corvettes ... Santa heard it all.

So here's what I'd love under the tree this year (and two of these items are joint Christmas/birthday items since my birthday is so soon after the holiday).
My Christmas Wishlist

An iPad, a DSLR camera, the 2012 Swarovski ornament, and a fun camera strap.  I promise I've been a good girl this year!

And just to touch on Friday's events... 
I know today's post is lighthearted, and I planned it that way because I think we all need a bit of a mental diversion from the sad news, but that doesn't make it go away or stop hurting.

We were enjoying a holiday luncheon at work while everybody else around the world was hearing the news.  I first heard about it from a text from my husband.  It was a moment I won't forget -- and I couldn't help but to feel a bit guilty to know that as I was chatting nonchalantly with co-workers about recipes and holiday plans, families were experiencing such devastating heartbreak.  It's nauseating.  I don't think there is one solitary answer ... gun control, mental illness support, etcetera.  I believe it is a combination of many solutions.  My wish is that this generation of selfishness will somehow repair itself.  Taking your own life as well as those of innocent others ... schoolchildren, for crying out loud ... I just can't wrap my head around this disgusting logic. 

We're all hugging each other a little more tightly.
Sending lots of good wishes to all who are affected by this,


  1. "I think we all need a bit of a mental diversion from the sad news" I am in complete agreement, lady! What a wonderful point.

  2. Couldn't agree more.

    And on the lighthearted note, I love your list! I collect crystal snowflake ornaments, love my DSLR and have a really cute camera strap on it. Santa will be good to you this year!!

  3. My heart still hurts so much after Friday. I appreciate the diversion. What a good list!

  4. love this wishlist! a camera is on mine too :)just found ur blog and love! now following on gfc! hope u will follow back :)

    XO Meghan

  5. I bought my mum that ornament for Christmas I hope she likes it because she does not actually own anything Swarovski so I am not sure if she will like it. xx


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