Apple Snack + My Shortcut

Not long ago, I saw this intriguing photo on Pinterest:

The so-called Apple Snack boasted to be "the most awesome" and addictive snack.  Anything to make me want to pop apple slices like Swedish Fish merited a chance.

I will say ... Swedish Fish they are not, but it is a very delicious way to enjoy an apple!  You coat very thin apple slices in fresh lemon juice and orange juice.  No browning at all, and they have a crisp, citrusy taste.

I bought several Honeycrisp apples at the start of the workweek and wanted a way to make a few batches at one time for the week.  I made them all in separate plastic containers so I could grab & go.

I started out with freshly washed oranges and lemons.

Our citrus juicer (similar here at JCP for $30) may be a bit of an unnecessary indulgence, but man if it doesn't help the process go by quickly!

I got this ready along with a mason jar and a lid (thanks, Mom, for the handy trick about a Duke's mayonnaise lid fitting a mason jar perfectly).

  The fruits were sliced and juiced right into the jar.

  A little shake, shake, shake, and voila -- done!

Next step was just slicing my apples thinly and adding them to the plastic containers.

With the addition of the citrus juice and a lid, they were all set for a busy weekday morning. I was able to store the leftover citrus juice in the fridge for the next batch of apple slices.

Have you tried this recipe yet?
It's great for those of us that made a New Years resolution to eat more fruits and veggies!

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  1. Those apple slices look amazing! And I'm sure the juice keeps them from browning. Always on the lookout for a healthy snack! YUM! Hope you have the day off today. xo

  2. I too saw this on Pinterest and tried it! I have a whole new love for apples!! Especially the Honey Crisp.. Thanks for reminding me about this great snack!

  3. This is one of my favorite snacks- I even got the hubs hooked on it! Yum:)

  4. I think I'm going to have to hit the grocery store today to give this a try! Those apples do look delicious...

  5. Love your blog! Can't wait try this apple recipe! :)

  6. How cool! I'm definitely going to pick these up at the store today!

  7. I love honeycrisp apples and this sounds delicious!


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