Friday Loves

This post comes to you from the great state of North Carolina ... yes, I'm home!  I returned home last night around 6:30pm and not a moment too soon.  I did document my day yesterday through pictures and next week I'll share a little "day in the traveling life" post, because let's face it, what's more fun than seeing how other people spend their day?  That's the reason, after all, that I'm obsessed with everything about Real Housewives.

A few things I'm loving this Friday:

Antiques in the kitchen. 
Adding this to my antique store wishlist immediately.  What a perfect utensil crock!

These Emerald Green Earrings.
I don't know if I'll be able to make a pair like this myself, so a purchase may just be necessary.  The perfect color, and I love the tassel design.

Pretty Tulips.
They were part of a sweet surprise last night, details next week.  They're currently gracing our kitchen island and they make me so happy.  One of my very favorite flowers, right up there with daffodils, peonies, and ranunculus.
Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

My New C. Wonder Cardigan
I was so happy to come home last night and see my C. Wonder box had arrived!  Of course I am wearing it today over a button-down with my jeans and some leopard print wedges.  When I get something new that I love, I always wear it immediately.

The C. Wonder sale is still going strong!  This cardigan was about $27 if you can believe it.  I'm so happy with it and I sort of wish I'd bought it in another color too.  Remember you can go through Ebates to get 7% back.  Here's your free invitation.

Lots to look forward to this weekend, including a baby shower for a girlfriend.  And most of all, I'm just excited to not be waking up at 5am!

Happy Friday, all! 


  1. Love your new sweater! You look great in bright colors:)

  2. That cardigan is too cute on you! Does it run true to size? I may have to make my first C. Wonder purchase today.

  3. There's a C. Wonder just a block from my new office.... danger.

    I own a pair of ponte pants from there and they're beyond comfortable - I wear them all the time (and actually have them on today!)

  4. AH! i NEED that cardigan! looks almost like hokie colors!

    hope you have a great weekend! xoxo

  5. Have I been under a rock? I had never heard of C.Wonder.

  6. Love it! I've never heard of C. Wonder eitehr!

  7. LOVE that new cardigan - so cute and spring colors - yes!

  8. LOVE the colors of the cardigan! Looks great! Happy {almost} weekend!

  9. What a pretty cardigan!! I love those colors. I love those flowers too, but peonies are my favorite!

  10. Love the post as always! Erica

  11. Welcome home! I love that cardigan!

  12. I LOVE C. Wonder! I'm visiting my best friend in Northern Va this weekend and am hoping to get to stop in the new Tyson's store!

  13. Oh here is the champagne bucket you told me about! Very cute! ;)

  14. Wow that antique pic almost looks exactly like my Gamee's (great-grandmother) antique champagne bucket. We still use it and I just polished it earlier this past year at my parents house. So funny!


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