A Stroll Down Worth Avenue

Yesterday I flew in to West Palm Beach.  {wahoooo!}
As soon as I hit the jetway on the plane, I was met with a huge gust of warm, humid air.

I haven't felt that kind of warmth for a loooong while.

I shed my pashmina and prepared for my hair to go from straight to wavy.  That happened within about, hmm, FOUR minutes flat.

Ian had been to Palm Beach before and told me that it would be worth my while to check out Worth Avenue ... the "Rodeo Drive" on the East Coast.  I saw it was just a quick drive from the airport and headed that way.

Worth Avenue has all of the best and high-end shops ... you can get your Valentino dress, your Jimmy Choo shoes, your Hermes handbag, and your Bulgari jewels all in one short strip of shops.

(It goes without saying that I kept it to an afternoon of browsing and window-shopping)

There were also great courtyards all around with lush greenery, more shops, fountains, and statues.

One of my favorites, Calypso, was down in this little courtyard.  Love this fun store!

The jewels in the windows were staggeringly beautiful.  Good gracious, I could hardly walk by a single window without stopping and looking at each piece.

One of my favorite stops was the J. McLaughlin store. 

We have one in Charlotte, but it took a trip to Palm Beach for me to fall head over heels!

They have the cutest tunics and dresses, and the fabric they use for many designs (called Catalina cotton) is the most comfy, stretchy fabric ever.  Like wearing a dress made out of soft, stretchy yoga pant fabric.

Here are some of their cute items:

J. McLaughlin

Have you ever walked down Worth Avenue and perused these amazing shops?


  1. That sounds magical! I could use some warm weather and high end window shopping

  2. I LOVE J. McLaughin! So glad that you are getting a break from this winter weather down there! Enjoy!

  3. Yay for being able to take in some warm weather!

    I loooove that striped dress!

  4. I did a lot of that high end shopping with my mama when I was younger... I think I would appreciate it more now, then be whining for a cookie like I used to. (Actually I'd still probably whine...but for wine or a marg). I love that jewelry display--breathtaking. Have a great time in the warm weather--we're getting 3 or so more inches of snow today. oxo

  5. Looks amazing! I Would do anything for some sunshine right now!

  6. You have to go to Hamburger Heaven...and have a drink at the Breakers!

  7. Looks nice! I live in Orlando and haven't been there! I should check it out sometime..

  8. love the courtyards. so pretty. have a good trip!

  9. We have a J. McLaughlin store in Raleigh and I recently bought a summery dress there to wear at a charity event b/c the theme was Southern beachy. The employees were so helpful and the clothes are cute. Like you said, I love the fabric.

  10. I'm so jealous of this warm air you speak of. I am dying to feel the warm sun and summer days! Your trip sounds so fun. It has been years since I've been to West Palm Beach. I loved it when I was there, and certainly did a little shopping of my own...window shopping of course. :)

  11. That's my hometown!! I just love it there, and it seems like you did, too! For all the window shopping I've done on Worth Avenue, I've managed to only have a handful of splurges over the years :)

  12. Oh goodness! I had no idea you had not been there. Isn't it wonderful and beautiful? You just have to "stroll" not rush around along the Avenue. I love their Peter Millar store, as well as the David Morris and Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry stores...

  13. I've never been anywhere in FLA other than Orlando, Panama City Beach, and St. Augustine, but it looks like I need to make a trip here! It's so gorgeous!

  14. Dreaming of warm weather here as snow is still falling. I'd love to go to Worth Avenue someday. ;)


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