Friday Wants + Loves

Friday, Friday, Friday.
How I love thee.
Here's how tonight's going to go down:
you + me + lululemon pants + real housewives + fireplace + nest candle + takeout + cocktail

I've got a few wants/needs/loves on the brain this Friday.  Here we go:

Friday Wants

C. Wonder Tortoise Collar Necklace (here)
I know, I know ... I haven't pulled the trigger on this one yet, and I'm not sure why, other than just being busy!  With that fabulous C. Wonder sale still going on, it's quite a deal, and I know it won't last long before it sells out.  I've gotta add this guy to my jewelry box, and stat.

ALDO Dilger Boots (here)
On sale now, these are such a classically beautiful black bootie.  I don't know how I found myself smack dab in the middle of winter with just black high heels and black flat boots ... nothing in the middle.  Booties are so easily wearable with slacks, jeans, even tights and a cute dress!

Blog Inc. Book (here)
I think this book would be such a fun read ... when you are reading about something you love, you fly through the pages!  I've got more trips coming up for the next five weeks, so I'm always looking for great plane and hotel reads.  Have you read this?

What are you wanting, needing, loving?  Should I just be a big girl and pull the trigger on the necklace?  Like, tonight?!


  1. We had similar posts on the brain for today! You need to snag that necklace and is such a good deal!

    Jealous of your plans for tonight- We're going out with friends which should be fun but I am exhausted an would love a night in!

  2. I just started reading Blog Inc.! I'm excited to continue reading it. You should totally pick it up!

  3. I will look that up during my lunch and see how the reviews are for the eBook!

  4. Blog Inc is really good! You will enjoy it! I read it on a plane over the fall and zipped right through it. Great tips!


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