Sunday Night Dinner

Weekday dinners for us usually consist of a protein and two veggies.
When we get positively wild & crazy, it's a protein, a veggie, and beans.
Craaaaazy, I know!

Sidenote: I make a side dish with cannelini beans, rosemary, white onion and olive oil that Ian absolutely adores.  Last night we had that along with Mediterranean tilapia and a big salad, and after dinner I heard this strange sound coming from the kitchen.  It was Ian standing in the middle of the kitchen, eating the remaining white beans right out of the pot with the wooden spoon.  Hilarious.  And such a compliment!

On weekends though, we go for carbs!

I almost never make pasta, but this past Sunday I did Chicken Parmesan served over bowtie pasta (fitting for all of those tuxes we saw on Oscar Night!).

I originally was going to make Giada's recipe until I realized that it contained no breadcrumbs.

Ummm, NEXT!

The recipe I decided on was one that I found on Ziplist, and it fit the bill perfectly.

I seasoned the chicken cutlets, sprinkled them with flour, dredged them in heavy cream (we were out of eggs, whoops!), and then coated them in a mixture of Italian breadcrumbs and panko with a few extra dried herbs added in.

Both sides got a quick browning on the stove in some olive oil, and then into the oven they went after getting smothered in marinara sauce and cheese.  We had havarti on hand, so I used that ... a good choice, as it is a quick melter!  I also topped it with some fresh shredded Parmesan cheese.  I baked it with some fresh rosemary.

This was such a yummy comfort meal and the perfect way to send off the weekend.


  1. You really need to be my neighbor. I would invite myself over for dinner all the time!

  2. Yum, chicken parm is one of my faves. Made the avocado chicken parm last week and it was delish!!

  3. yum - even tho i skip the breadcrumbs part :o)

  4. That looks so great. I love when you post recipes as your food always looks amazing!

  5. Would you like to share the bean recipe? They sound similar to the beans at Zoe's Kitchen maybe? Yum!

  6. That looks incredible--and a beautiful presentation too! I'm sure my guy would be very happy with that dinner on a Sunday night too!

  7. The presentation is good! I'm almost tempted to cook this for dinner guests Saturday evening. Brad wants cook the same ole lasagna but I find it sooo boring!

  8. Chicken parmesan is one of my favorites and it looks like you nailed it--yum!

  9. Oh honey, that canellini bean dish is my go-to. JM loves it. It's so cheap and easy and DELICIOUS.

  10. The chicken parm looks delicious. We have carbs in almost every meal (along with a protein and vegetable). Not on purpose, I guess we just like them, haha. Maybe we should work on a healthier diet...


  11. Yum you just made me hungry waiting for my dinner! Honey, y'all are so healthy!!


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