Superbowl Sunday's Menu

I know three things about the Superbowl:

1) The opposing coaches are brothers (proud mama!)
2) Beyonce is going to rock the halftime show
3) Most important part of the game = the food

We are having a really low-key Superbowl Sunday this year, but that hasn't stopped me from creating a menu.

First things first ... a bloody mary bar.  Enough said.

For appetizers, we'll start off with Kettle chips & onion dip (you can't beat the classic Lipton onion soup mix + lite sour cream, I'm even adding sauteed onions for the Martha factor).  We will also have baked mozzarella sticks and marinara dipping sauce, the TGI Fridays frozen variety, no judging, you! 

We have a fresh made pizza, and for dessert ... I'm so excited ... I'm doing the apple nachos recipe below.  Except I'm making it a smidge unhealthier.  I'll report back on how it goes over!

Go ... ummm ... TEAM!


  1. Well said - to me, the super bowl is about the bloody mary bar and the food! I may actually be more excited about the puppy bowl ;)

  2. Hubby can't wait for the game, I can't wait for the commercials and the kiddos can't wait for the puppy bowl! Tell us more about the apple nachos please:)

  3. Those apple nachos look delish! Yum!


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