Easter Basket Wishlist - Dude Edition

So, while I hope the Easter Bunny loves my wishlist, I'm sure he'll want a peek at what my husband's would consist of as well.  Here ya go, bunny!
Easter Basket Wishlist - Dude Edition

{1} St. Ives Green Tea Scrub
Ian loves this stuff {$5}.  The grit is finer than the traditional apricot scrub and it smells heavenly.  Or so I guess -- I mean, it's not like I steal it from his side of the shower or anything... *ahem*

{2} Swiss Army Knife
This Victorinox Swiss Army Knife from Nordstrom {$30} would suit him just fine.  The man always has something to cut, file, snip, or open.

{3} Patagonia Trucker Hat
My guy has a major affinity for trucker hats (and he wears them well).  I think this Patagonia one {$25} would look so good on him.

{4} Minty Gum
Self explanatory -- he loves it!  And the more he has, the more I can pawn off of him.

{5} Ammo
For fun target practice sessions up in the mountains, or the next zombie apocalypse.  Whichever comes first.

Would the man in your life like any of these to appear in his Easter Basket?


  1. haha or the next zombie apocalypse! that's great and totally reminds me of Mike.

  2. My husband is getting a little Easter basket this year too! I couldn't make one for Owen and forget about Daddy!

    It's filled with gum, a Camelbac and some candy and power bars.

  3. Great list and helpful ideas! Not sure if the Easter bunny is coming to our house or not -- definitely have some shopping to do!


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