Friday. Happy. Friday.

I'm so excited for the weekend -- we are branching out this weekend with a new adventure for tonight and a new adventure for Saturday night.  Weather in Charlotte won't be the best -- rainy and chilly -- which makes me extra glad that we knocked out all of our yardwork last weekend.  We've also recently hopped on the Homeland train, so I imagine our weekend will consist of a good, healthy dose of couch time with Claire Danes.

Up for a little Friday randomness?

{1} So yes, my girlfriends have amazing style.  And some of you were curious about where they got some of their items.  I don't blame you one bit!

Ashley's awesome cheese board is from Pottery Barn and it's available here.  I also love the matching marble cheese knives that you can get.

I have a marble cheese cutter that's a lot more simple, but we love it.  It's really similar to this one here (a steal at $13.99!). 

Also, Lindsay's chandelier truly is awesome.  Here's a similar one I found.  Definitely an investment, but it's a true statement piece.

{2} Talk to me about juicing.  Should we start?  Ian and I are on the cusp of purchasing a juicer (maybe a Breville?) but right now I'm also perfectly happy with my morning smoothies.  Plus, I like that the "roughage" in the smoothies is still there for the fiber -- how does that change with a juicer?

Tell me all of your juicing secrets.

{3} Lastly, local gals, a cute boutique under new ownership is celebrating a grand opening in Huntersville this weekend.  Apricot Lane is located in Birkdale Village, between Dressler’s Restaurant and Sunglass Hut on the corner of Lindholm Drive and Birkdale Commons Parkway.

As part of the weekend deals, everyone who comes in store Thursday, March 21 through Sunday, March 24 will receive:

· 20 percent off storewide
· A complimentary 3Strands Bracelet (a $18 value)
· The chance to enter to win a $500 shopping spree and other great prizes
· Gift bags with local coupons and goodies, as supplies last

Additionally, Apricot Lane is hosting a fabulous grand opening celebration Saturday, March 23 that includes:

· Complimentary nail polish changes from a local spa company and a photo both for shoppers to capture fun photos from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday
· Participation in the Birkdale Village fashion show beginning at 6 p.m.
· Complimentary ApricoTinis at the store after the fashion show, from 6:30 to 9 p.m.

I'm hoping to stop by Saturday and see what it's all about.  Hope to see you there ... happy weekending to you and yours!

Source: via April on Pinterest


  1. Oooh I didn't know that about Apricot Lane and that is right around the corner from me so def stopping by!!

    I have a Breville juicer and love it. There are about 5 pieces you have to clean each time you juice but doesn't really take that much time.

  2. I've owned a juicer in the past and it was a huge pain to clean. If you find one that is easy to break down/reassemble then I say go for it!

  3. I too have heard that the juicers are not worth it. Too much work and a pain to clean.
    Would love to go to that store opening but probably won't happen
    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. I make my smoothies in a magic bullet! fast and easy. I gave my juicer away as it was too much to clean several times a day!

  5. Very interesting, wish I was closer, would love visiting that store,

  6. Oooh this new shop reminds me of bevello!

  7. Husband & I received a Cuisinart juicer as a wedding gift last year and we have yet to use it. We keep saying we're going to get it out but the effort to get it out, use it and clean it daily seem to be too much right now. I'm hoping once we move into a bigger place I'll find the motivation to break it out.

    If you & Ian do decide to juice you'll definitely have to post some recipes. I could use the motivation for sure!

  8. Here's a great post about starting juicing (pros and cons). Breville has a mini juicer that doesn't take up as much space and is also a lot less expensive!

  9. Okay, whoaaaa... the chandelier is gorgeous!! I'm pretty sure I NEED it! ;) Ha!

    And I'm looking forward to hear everyone's feedback on the juicer --- I'm thinking about going that route or making super healthy smoothies!

    Ps - I love your blog. Can we be best friends?? Yes?? ;)


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