Friday This & That

It's been an awesome week in Charlotte!  Spending the whole workweek in my own bed was just what the doctor ordered.  No waking up and thinking "wait - what city am I in now?".  Sounds a little dramatic, but it's true.

Plus, I was able to put together home-cooked meals Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (details coming next week).  Thursday is Ian's long-standing "wing night" tradition with the guys, and I get to spend my evening doing exactly what I want.  Last night that consisted of a long walk around the neighborhood with Drake, an easy but healthy "clean out the fridge" meal, and my favorite hot mess Housewives.

Time for a little Friday randomness.

{1} I just listed a few new necklaces to my Etsy shop!  I've been experimenting around with layering some of the looks, like this one which is made of this necklace on top of this necklace.

Also loving this combo of this necklace over this one.

{2} This weekend will be the perfect time for a little baking, and I think I'm ready to attempt these delicious cookies that my sister Laura blogged about this week:

{3} Where to find us this weekend: in our yard!  (Oh, and Home Depot's lawn and garden area, too).  Tons of yardwork awaits us, and while I'm a little nervous about another potential cold snap before spring, we've decided to go ahead and start getting our yard ready for the warm Carolina weather.

I've got daffodils and tulips that are already sprouted just ready to be added to our yard.  I'm also on the lookout for some trees to add to big planters on our patio.  Lemon trees would be just the ticket ... wonder if I can go a season without killing the poor thing?

I'm envisioning a welcoming patio this summer filled with lots of greenery and colorful blossoms.  The perfect place to gather on a Friday after work with a cocktail, a magazine, a husband, and a dog.  My idea of perfection.

Jewelry, cookies, and yardwork, oh my!  A random but happy assortment.

PS: I'm selling a Vineyard Vines bracelet on eBay should you be interested... the listing ends Sunday.  Find it here!


  1. I too love those hot mess housewives ;). Sounds like a perfect weekend! Have fun!

  2. I'm loving that nautical knot necklace- I might need to pick one of those up!
    We just did a bunch of yard work and we're further north than you- I don't think it's too early to start at all. Your patio sounds great-I'm so ready for the warm weather so we can enjoy evenings on our deck

  3. So in love with that knot necklace! I can't wait to have a home so I can work in the yard. Any suggestions for a veggie/fruit that I could grow in a planter on an apt balcony? It's half shade/sun.

  4. It is going to rain here all weekend - so bummed! But I can't wait to hear about all the yard work you get done this weekend!!!

  5. Oh you make me want to get outside and beautify our porch! I love the idea of lemon trees!!

  6. That lemon tree is beautiful...I may have to see if Bryce can get some for his yard!

  7. I'm so envious that it's warm enough to even consider working in the yard down there! It's still in the 30s in Michigan. Brrr!!

    I want to come over and watch "Housewives" with you!! Haha I'm basically obsessed with the Bravo channel! :)


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