The Organized Traveler, Part II

Time for Part II of my Organized Traveler series!

To read Part I, click here.

Today's post features things to pack that you may ordinarily not think about.  Things that keep me sane in a sterile, plain-jane hotel room!

Organized Traveler 3

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Travel Tip 1
Spending hours in a small hotel room can be boring.  Sure, you probably have some emails to catch up on or some work to do, but you may as well treat yourself!  I like to pack small sizes of self-tanner or mud masks in my bag.  Travel can be a fun time for a little pampering, and (ahem, hotel owners, avert your eyes) if you are going to stain bedsheets with self-tanners, may as well not be your own!  #sorryi'mnotsorry

Travel Tip 2
No need to fill up your toiletries bag with all of your vitamin and pill bottles.  Even though they are fairly small, they can take up precious space!  Treat yourself to a really cute pill case like this one from Henri Bendel ($48) and just put the pills you need in it (plus maybe enough for one or two nights, in case of a trip extension or layover).  Every night, I take a multi-vitamin, a biotin pill, and a fish oil pill ... it's just plain wasteful to have 3 bottles claiming cargo space.  Toss in an Advil or two, also, because you never know when a headache can strike.  Lately, I've been getting them almost every time I fly due to the altitude changes.

Travel Tip 3
A memento from home can make trips a little more bearable!  As crazy as it seems, I love stealing one of Ian's t-shirts right out of the dirty clothes hamper.  Yep, it's true.  As soon as I get to the hotel room at night, I change into that and some comfy pants, and I'm a happy girl.  Does that make me an odd bird?  Or just a hopeless romantic?

Next Thursday will be the final part of this series, part III!
Turning it back over to you all again (I love your input!) ... have you tried any of these ideas?


  1. aw about Ian's shirt. I love wearing Mike's dirty shirts too because they smell like him.

  2. Tan Towels are the best. I also love that you travel with Ian's shirt. So sweet!

  3. I do the same thing with my husband's shirts when either of us travels :)

  4. Yes! So true about spa day in the hotel room when traveling for work. I just love that!

  5. Love a tan towel- ha, and I love your advice to use them while in a hotel instead! :)

  6. LOVE that pill box! Soo cute

    I almost always bring one of Evan's sweatshirts when I travel too :) Sentimental and so comfy!

  7. That pill case is too cute! I've been looking for one for traveling and I think you just helped me find the winner.


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