Recent Clothing Purchases

Warmer weather = Time for spring and summer wardrobe shopping! 
I picked up a few cute new pieces that I absolutely love.

First of all, have you been in a JCP recently? 
I know that sounds like saying "Have you tried Jazzercise recently?"
Or "Have you read any good Baby Sitters Club books recently?"

And for the record, those Jazzercize classes are a helluva workout.  And I still heart the BSC (Logan is a hottie).

What an awesome rebranding they've done!  Definitely worth a stop in.

Joe Fresh Slim Fit Color Cropped Jeans
The fit on these is perfect and they have stretch -- need I say more?  I wore them to Carolina Cup this year.  Plus, they come in a ton of fun pastels -- light green, Carolina blue, baby pink, pale yellow.  At $19, I'm definitely going to get a second pair, probably the pink or blue color.


Lilly Pulitzer Trophy Pink Salmon Glamorous Life Polo
$27.90 at Rue La La
I just ordered this yesterday, and it should be here next week.  I think it will look really cute with those white cropped jeans above.  I'm thinking I can even wear it to work since we're fairly casual.  Gotta love Rue La La's great sales!

Old Navy Maxi Tee Dress - Grey
Old Navy: $25.00 (sale price)
I'm absolutely obsessed with this dress.  I live in maxi dresses on the weekends (when I'm not in leggings).  This one is so casual and cool with a great price.

Old Navy Maxi Tee Dress - Black
Old Navy: $25 (sale price)
Yep, I totally bought it in two colors, you better believe it.

Lilly Pulitzer Wynne Bright Navy Foxy Top
$22.90 from Rue La La
Available here
Such another great sale find.  This looks really cute with white jeans.  I love the asymmetrical top, too!  Doesn't hurt that my obsession with foxglove is beautifully translated into this print.

I may shop a lot, but I'm all about the sales!
Any fun purchases for you recently?


  1. LOVE your finds! I need to go shopping asap to update my wardrobe from spring!

  2. I have a tank Old Navy maxi with a racer back, cannot wait to wear it. I think I need to get me some cap sleeves though. I'm already freaking out about getting tan lines this summer that will mess up my Wedding Day look lol #psycho

  3. HAHA! Logan was a hottie!

    I need to go to JCP!

  4. Love those maxis- I think I need both too!

  5. Fabulous finds! I need to get by the JCP. Their ads and prices have intrigued me, for sure.
    Have a great weekend!
    Lulu and Daisy

  6. I have the ON dress in grey and I just love it. So comfy!!!

  7. I NEED to step into JCP. I remember you instagramming some stuff when you were shopping there and I thought that to myself! The jeans are super cute.

    I just bought the Cassie tshirt dress from the Lilly Rue La La sale about a week ago and it's so cute and comfy!

  8. I got the cutest striped Joe Fresh dress from JC Penney the other day! Of course, I also went to jazzercise this morning!

  9. Those are some great new finds! I actually like JCP, because they have some good pieces at reasonable prices. I love the new Happy Chic line in their home section.

  10. Girl after my own heart with those maxi dresses. I can't get enough!

  11. Did you find that the Old Navy dress was long enough? I'm 5'8 so do you think it would be good for a tall girl? Very intrigued especially because the price is so good!

  12. I bet you look gorgeous in those maxi dresses! I haven't been in JCP since Black Friday but I got 3 J. Crew worthy pieces for $39 TOTAL. I love it!

  13. I haven't been to JCP recently but my mom and sister have taken so adorable pictures of outfits they have found. I am actually going to attemp to go this weekend!

  14. Love those maxis- they look so comfy

  15. I was dying over the JCP comment........ freaking hilarious! It does sound so very old school, but I have a friend who has bought a few things there lately (and I just thought she had gone crazy). I'll have to swing by next week!! I'm in need of some cute white capris that make my chunky legs looks skinnnnnyyyyy. Do those exist?! Ha!

    Love all of these finds ---- made all the more better because they are AFFORDABLE! Yay!!! Happy weekend, girl!


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