Miracle Worker ... 42% Off, Whaaaat!?

Awesome deal alert:  Philosophy is currently on Zulily!

And my favorite item, the thing I've raved about like crazy on le bloggie, the Miracle Worker system -- it's on major sale.

Normally: $119.00
Zulily Price: $69.99

I've seen Philosophy products 20% off from time to time, but this is definitely the best discount I've seen.  This is a 42% savings, ya'll!

Zulily is completely free to join.  If you need an invitation to join Zulily and you use this invitation link, you can get $5 off your first order!

You already know that I can't speak highly enough of this product line.  If you've been wanting to give it a shot, now would be an awesome time.  The sale only lasts for about two more days, and this product in particular may just sell out!


  1. Thanks for the alert - just snapped up the Miracle Worker and Great Skin kits! What a steal!

  2. Crap should I start using it? What age do you start using anti-aging stuff???

  3. YES! I'm almost 2 weeks in w/ just the retinoid pads and I'm SOLD. I love you... like really, really love you! ;)

    Have you used the moisturizer and eye cream? Either way, I'm getting it since the retinoid pads alone are normally $73!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Just a heads up that it's currently SOLD OUT. :( Boo! Maybe they'll add more tomorrow? Doubtful, but fingers crossed! Still lots of great Philosophy products to choose from. :)

  5. Man, I wish I saw this earlier! I hate that hey are already sold out. I love that stuff.

  6. I missed the sale but am running to Ulta to get those retinoid pads! They sound amazing and I feel like I could really benefit from them!

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