My Walmart Shoes.

So, the story starts like this:

I have recently started taking a new workout class (thanks to Christina for the introduction to Cardio Funk!) and it is a huge class.  HUGE.  Two full basketball courts, filled up completely with cute girls in even cuter workout gear.  And imagine my horror recently when I looked around the room and took a mental inventory to realize that I was the one and ONLY girl in the class not wearing neon shoes. 

Nobody tells me these things!

I knew that this problem had to be remedied.  And quick.  I mean, I even saw a grandma with neon tennis shoes.  I'm so behind the times.  How could I let this happen?  And now what was I supposed to do, ditch my semi-new shoes?!

A girlfriend of mine recommended a quick fix -- switching to neon laces.  Easy!  So I hopped over to Walmart (not my favorite place, but it's just so darn convenient) and headed to the shoe aisle to pick up my $2 neon pink laces.

While I was there, my eye landed on these shoes:

Is it just me, or are they kinda cute?
I figured that at $20, it was worth bringing them home.
And I think I might just keep them!

They are obviously a knock off of the $138 metallic Toms wedges, but GOLD, people.  And I'm a sucker for gold shoes.

They are available online here and shipping is just $0.97.  For me, I went down a half size ... I typically wear a 7.5 and the ones I took home are a size 7.

They look really cute with my white jeans, and I think they will look darling with khaki shorts.

So -- girls?  Shoot me straight.  Are they keepers?

(PS: my tennis shoes look sooooo fly with the neon pink laces)

(WAIT. Do people still say "fly"?!)


  1. Yay for fearless Walmart shopping. I don't endorse them, however in a quick pinch they are great for cheap lip gloss and wine. (Seriously, $8 NZ Sauv Blanc? Fill up my cart!)I got an awesome maxi dress there last summer for $16.97 EVERYONE compliments me on, including a sales girl at Neiman's! (I said it was from a boutique in NC...shhh.) Tempted to order the shoes...I need a gold wedge too!

  2. UMMM Fabulous! I think I need them too! AWESOME FIND GIRLY!

  3. Wait, have you been going to Andre's class? I go all the time!

  4. Definitely keepers and SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hilarous :)

  5. so cute!

    i definitely dont have neon shoes, btw.

    AND i had no idea that class was so huge!!

  6. So I totally noticed at the gym today that I was the only one without neon shoes. I LOVE the shoelaces idea - just ordered neon green ones from Amazon!!

  7. That is soo funny about the shoes! I was in Wal-Mart a few weeks ago trying to find plain AND decent flip-flops for the twins to wear at water-day. No luck. No character and no "old man" style for my boys! Ha! This is when I stumbled upon the SAME shoes as you did! I, like you needed a 7.5 (I wear an 8). They were out! I may just order online too!

    Neon shoes. Funny story. I have this girl in my town who is in her mid thirties (as I am too) who is always "ahead of the trends." She wears stuff that people in her hometown (Atl) wear. Two years ago I had on NEON Nike's and this girl laughed at me! I bought the shoes bc I LOVE bright colors, not to be "it." I saw her the other day wearing neon shoes at the gym and I wanted to No, I kept my mouth zipped :-)

  8. i am TOTALLY a fan of these...gorgeous and the price is most certainly right!!! of course you would be the one to find these ;)

  9. Ahh this story is why I love you! If it makes you feel better i just got neons for Easter. Before that I had some white/pink nikes that had seen better days. Before that was a pair that I had been wearing for literally like 4 years. I've come a long way recently. My huz and sister made fun of me for it. I'm loving the Wally World wedges, fab find!

  10. For that price, definitely keep them!!! And I'm laughing over here because I would immediately do the same thing (search for new shoes or laces)......... although really, like it matters?! But it does. Ha!

    And for the love!, do guys just line up outside your gym waiting for this class to get out and 200 hot women to walk by?! Ha! Sounds like a huge class..... can I come?!? Please, please?! I'll even bring neon tennis shoes, promise! ;)

  11. love neon shoes, love neon laces, love you, love Toms shoes, but I'm not sold on the gold Walmart shoes.

    Don't hate me though, just asked to give it to you straight. And we are BFF's, so I had to tell you haha.

    Then again, you have wayyyy better fashion sense/style than me, so maybe I should be the one taking the advice from you. I would live in my Rainbows if it was socially acceptable to wear them everywhere.

  12. I noticed the other day I was the only person not wearing neon shoes in my class either! I need to get with it...

  13. Definite keepers as far as the gold wedges!! I hear ya about the laces! We stopped at the Nike outlet on our way back from Nashville and I scooped up some neon green ones! Glad you are enjoying that class and I owe you an email about our Blowing Rock trip!! Happy weekend!!

  14. They are super cute! Everyone has neon tennis shoes now. Got to stay fresh, like the old ladies in my jazzercise class!

  15. Those are so cute! I might actually go and buy them today! I've been looking for some new wedges.

    Also, I've had the same pair of Nikes since 2007. They are pretty stylish... not.

  16. I love those wedges! They were a great find!

  17. Oh they are so cute! Almost makes me want to run out to WallyWorld right now!

  18. Cute! I am so surprised by Walmart sometimes! I was ordering some flat invitation cards (after buying a design via Etsy) and usually order through Uprinting, but figured I'd check Walmart online first. SO much cheaper! Love it.


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