5 On Friday

It's that time again ... 5 on Friday linkup with the lovely ladies!

Here's my 5 On Friday.

{1} The pure fact that it's Friday
Can I get an amen?  The quote "the days are long, but the years are short" is one that I think about often.  Truer words could not be spoken! 

{2} Enjoying the fruits of our [landscaping] labor.
Earlier in the spring, Ian and I put in tons of work on our yard.  Hours upon hours, and ruined manis upon ruined manis.  But now I can say it was all worth it.  And just for the record, this is not our yard below.  But it is one of my inspiration photos.  Knockout roses are high on my wishlist.  Ian's procrastinating because he's tired of digging holes.  I hope I'll win out on this one :)

{3} This wine cork craft.
How cute is that?  Wonder if my manager would frown upon me sticking wine cork magnets on my filing cabinet.  Ha!  I'm thinking I need to have the girls over.  We'll open a few bottles of wine, split the corks, heat up the hot glue gun, and have fun.

{4} Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
My husband would really, really, REALLY appreciate it if I stopped watching this show, but I am hooked (and I have been since day one).  He can't understand why I watch a show that, every time he walks in the room and it's on, someone is crying.  I tell him that it's because I don't have enough drama in my life and I have to get it in somehow.
{5} Keep it simple, ya'll.
I've made a change to my social calendar ... I'm filling it up less often!  Ian has said about me that he has never met anyone with a more busy calendar.  While I cannot resist a wine date with girlfriends, I'm starting to be better about scheduling in more relaxation time and more time to just be home.  I'm sleeping better and I'm eating healthier.  Home cooked meals for the win!

So now I want to hear about what you're lovin' this Friday.

You're next ... enter the link-up here!


  1. Hey dear!

    A list, because I'm too scattered to make complete sentences otherwise. ;)

    1.) Knockout roses are where it's at... gorgeous and easy to maintain!!

    2.) Love the wine cork magnets! I think that's totally work appropriate as is a glass of vino during your lunch break. ;) ;) Ha!

    3.) Kudos to you for slowing down a bit! Here lately, I feel like I need to do the exact same thing. Sometimes it's just nice to be at home (says the stay at home mom---- makes absolutely no sense!). I hear ya though, I like to be busy, but there's a fine balance for sure!

    4.) Hope you are having a ball and am dying to see more photos from your trip!!! Or are you coming home?? ;)


    Happy Friday, sweet friend!

  2. We planted a TON of knockout roses this year. It really is the only plant we can seem to keep alive.

    Before you simplify your calendar too much, let's get another date on the books. :)

  3. Love that rose inspiration pic! I am clueless when it comes to plants but have been wanting something like this against a fance in our backyard. It makes it even more appealing that it's low maintenance!

    I am with you on living simply! I have to constantly tell myself to slooow down;) It's nice to take it easy and take it all in!

    Happy weekend!

  4. Ok, I am totally stealing your idea for the wine cork magnet! How sweet (and simple) is that?? Adorable!

    Thank you for co-hosting this link-up...I had so much fun with it, and I'm glad I found you through this! Can't wait to follow along with you!!

  5. Yay! Just linked up for my first Friday 5! XOXO

  6. That landscaping photo is gorgeous! I'm going to use it for inspiration too!

  7. Knockouts are so easy and so gorgeous! I totally am the same way about a social calendar- DH definitely made mine slow down, but I had to take breaks before her arrival. I love to socialize but you just get worn out!


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