Weekend Fun

Saturday was warm and sunny -- and it definitely called for a trip to the lake!

My family has a home at a great lake about an hour from our house.  The thing I love about this lake is that it's totally relaxed ... no mega-million dollar homes, no posh restaurants, no Tiger-sized yachts.  Just a place where you can throw on your denim cutoffs and grab a koozie for your beer.

We packed up the car and got to the lake in time for lunch.

After having a bite of lunch, we threw on our suits and took the boat out!

We had some great music going, and the six of us spent a lot of time just floating in the water and chatting.

We left the dinner decision that night up to Dad as an early Fathers Day celebration.  His choice of burgers on the grill was spot-on ... exactly what we all were craving after a long afternoon on the water.

As a little surprise, we made Turtle-flavored homemade ice cream for dessert!  He has always loved Turtles, but then again, who doesn't love chocolate, caramel, and salted peanuts together?!

We are already looking forward to many more lake weekends this summer!

I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating the Fathers in your lives ... and special hugs go out to all of you who, like my husband, lost his father much too soon.  We still spent the evening last night reminiscing about some of the great and funny things about Ian's dad -- a man I never had the pleasure of knowing.  But I still thank him all of the time for the great man he helped to raise!


  1. Your lake house adventures always look like a blast! Feeling quite jealous over here :)

  2. So great that Ian has your Dad to look up to!

  3. That looks relaxing and perfect.

    I have an ice cream maker and haven't thought to make turtle ice cream. Love that idea.

  4. What a great weekend! That turtle ice cream sounds so amazing.

  5. What a fun and relaxing weekend! We went out on the lake too since the weather was just perfect. That turtle ice cream sounds delicious. I need to break out our ice cream churn!

  6. We used to have a lake house and I have some wonderful memories on the lake! Perfect summer day. Hugs to you all remembering Ian's father! Xo

  7. Looks like a great time! You can't beat lake weekends! I looove you bathing suit, so cute!

  8. MMmm...that ice cream looks absolutely delicious! What a fabulous, relaxing Father's Day weekend!

  9. Sounds like the perfect day - and btw, what a cute bathing suit! I love that little pink detail on the top. Aren't we lucky that we love hanging out with our Dads? So much fun!

  10. This looks like so much fun! I missed being able to hang out with my family on Fathers Day so I'm glad that you were able to!

  11. It sounds like the perfect weekend!

  12. Sounds like a great place to hang out and a great weekend!

    Such sweet remarks about your husband's dad. *hugs*


  13. Looks like a fabulous time out on the water. I was on the water as well but in jeans and a sweatshirt... it was freezing. xx


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